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MPTurbo X Apex Racing: Go Flat Out Goes Karting At 2017 HistoryCon (With Video)

We find out the essence and the passion behind GoKarting like never before.

The team at Go Flat Out isn’t new to the karting experience, but we enjoy every single moment of it whenever we hit the track. This one is no exception, as we are joined by our friends, Mike Potenciano and Lindy Pellicer, from MPTurbo, and APEX Racing, a karting racing school that aims to develop drivers to be skilled at karting.



Karting is a way serious motorsport than most people think. Many may see karting as a humble sport, with most people’s encounter being those found at Enchanted Kingdom in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. The karts used there are nowhere near the professional level found at CityKart Makati, where we’ve karted ever since, and the karts here provided by Apex Racing at MPTurbo X Apex Racing’s The Race Of Champions.

Apex Racing is a karting school owned by Jerry Choi, and one of their team’s members, Jennifer Tumambing, is representing Apex Racing in numerous championships, including the Asian Karting Open Championships. Round 2 of the 2017 AKOC will be held on August 26-27, 2017, at the Carmona Racing Circuit.



Karting is a motorsport that even young people can experience, and karting serves as a stepping stone for many people who want to step in to the world of motorsports and develop it as their profession. Jennifer Tumambing is one of them, and other famous young racers, such as Luis Gono, son of Autoplus Sportszentrium owner Carlos Gono, was a professional in karting before being involved in drifting and most recently, the Toyota Vios Cup.

Watch the video below to see our experience and listen as Mike Potenciano, Jennifer Tumambing, and Jerry Choi, explain the essence, basics, and the passion of the people behind karting.

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