ABT-Tuned Volkswagen Golf GTI Goes Civic Type R Hunting In The Philippines

Volkswagen Philippines brings ABT Sportsline accessories and performance parts for the Golf GTI to the Philippines.

The Volkswagen Golf GTI is one of Go Flat Out’s favorite cars. We’ve reviewed the hot hatch a year ago and we considered it the benchmark among hot hatches, due to its jekyll and hyde character. Ferocious when you want it, comfortable when you need it. Now, Volkswagen Philippines is giving the legendary hot hatch a power boost and visual upgrade courtesy of German tuning firm ABT Sportsline.

The ABT Power Up Module is the highlight of the upgrade. It ups the power and torque by 70 hp and Nm, from 220 to 290 hp, and 350 Nm to 420 Nm. This enables the car to shave 0.6 seconds from its 0-100 kph time, down to 5.9 seconds from 6.5 seconds, which is now comparable to the Civic Type R. If you wanted a high performance Golf but wanted to have a faster 0-100 kph than the Civic Type R, the Golf R was your only choice. As a matter of fact, it’s not even a choice because it’s not sold in the Philippines.

Apart from the power chip, there are also visual upgrades, which include a bodykit that’s complete with a new front grille, headlamp cover, front spoiler, side skirts, rear skirt set with rear diffuser and quad tailpipe, and rear muffler mounting kit. Larger wheels are also on offer, from 225/40 R18s, to 235/30 R20s.

All these upgrades can be bought separately, or together already built-in as a complete package with the new Volkswagen Golf GTI for P2,851,688, which is a price that’s comparable to its Japanese rivals. The power chip can be retrofitted for P145,000, and the bodykit can also be added piece by piece to any existing Golf GTI on the road already.

Volkswagen Golf GTI fans, meanwhile, can visit the first ever Volkswagen Golf GTI Lifestyle Center in Volkswagen Quezon Avenue if they wish to purchase Volkswagen Golf GTI lifestyle items. These include shirts, caps, jackets, scale models, toy cars, mugs, and bags.

The Volkswagen Golf GTI ABT is available for viewing at Volkswagen Quezon Avenue which is located at 1129 Quezon Avenue, Quezon City. Let the hot hatch wars begin!

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