Watch The New Tesla Roadster Rocket From 0-100 KPH In 1.9 Seconds

A car accelerating faster than anything mankind has built.

When Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk previewed to the world the 2020 Tesla Roadster, everyone was stunned by the performance numbers of the electric supercar, and now, we have video of how that feels like.

The video comes from DragTimes, who already has countless numbers of 0-100 kph tests and drag racing video with the Tesla Model S’s insane performance, and shortly after the launch, the Tesla Roadster was available for people to ride shotgun and experience its “Plaid Mode”, which is what Tesla calls as a driving mode beyond “Ludicrous Mode” that currently found in all of their cars right now.

While there are no quantitative data to show, or any testing equipment like a V-Box to verify the claims, reaction from the guy from DragTimes, who is already bored at this point with his Model S P100D’s 2.5 second 0-100 kph acceleration at this moment, indicates how insane this car’s performance most likely is.

When Elon Musk launched the second generation Roadster, they said it was “to give a hard core smack down to gasoline cars”, and he’s probably right. The car’s insane acceleration is way beyond the class of purpose built rally cars.

We’re excited to test this car out in the future, at least when Tesla finally fixes their production woes with the all-new, more affordable Model 3, but we at Go Flat Out have good faith that things will all work out well for Elon.


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