Isuzu Philippines Releases 2018 Prices With Excise Tax Considered

As expected, all but the D-Max see a price increase. Surprisingly, the Isuzu Crosswind even receives a price increase.

Isuzu Philippines has just released the pricing of their 2018 line-up with excise tax considered.

As expected, the brand’s best selling MU-X sees noticeable increases. As a matter of fact, the top trim LS-A 4×4 BluePower variant has breached the P2 million peso market, the first Isuzu to do so. It now costs P2,145,000 from P1,908,000.

D-Max prices, meanwhile, are unchanged, as there are still 2017 stocks. They’ll be releasing pricing soon once inventory from dealers clear up.

Here’s what’s surprising. Though we are aware at this point that Euro 2 emission standard vehicles can not be put on sale anymore unless these carry a Certificate of Stock Reported (CSR), or in other words, are vehicles that went into the country/we assembled before January 1, 2018, we’re quite surprised that the Crosswind and Euro 2 emissions compliant MU-X sees a price increase.

The reasoning behind this is because, there are still some of these Euro 2 compliant vehicles still in Isuzu’s manufacturing plant/warehouse facilities, and therefore, are subject to TRAIN.

Anyway, here’s the full 2018 price list of Isuzu for 2018.

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