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Find Out What Your Favorite Car Color Says About You

See what your favorite color says about your personality.

To many of us who have experienced buying a brand new car, arguably the most fun part in the buying process is when we finally get the chance to personalize it for our own unique taste. Selecting the colors, trims, and accessories you want for your car is about as fun as being able to create your very own unique art piece when you were still in your nursery days. Coloring in a coloring book, even those adult coloring books, are indeed very fun, let alone being able to select a color for our own car. Color is a universal language that influences many consumer preferences, including color on cars. As a matter of fact, experts say that the color of a car can reflect the personality of its owner.

While generation, gender, vehicle segment and cultural differences can change the meaning of car color around the world, color theories generally associate certain personality types with specific hues. For example, red represents energy and passion, and is popular with people who want attention. Black is associated with power and sophistication, and is popular with people of authority. White traditionally signifies purity, and is popular with people celebrating a new beginning. Other colors expand the spectrum of personality types (see infographic).

“Specific personality types have an affinity with certain colors that can influence purchase decisions for anything from clothes to cars,” said Angela Wright, author of The Beginner’s Guide to Colour Psychology and founder of London-based consultancy Colour Affects. “A person should trust his or her color intuition when it comes to making a vehicle purchase decision because what they drive is often a reflection of their personality.”

With the aim of giving customers more color choices, Chevrolet recently launched two new hues – Blue Me Away for the Colorado pickup truck and Agate Red for Sail subcompact sedan. 

“With all of our vehicles we try to offer a range of colors so that customers of differing personalities can find something that suits them. Dark hues like black and grey can give a vehicle a classic, sophisticated look, but for those wanting to make more of a statement we have brighter options like blue and red,” said Krysti Murphy, Lead Designer, GM Global Exterior Color Studio.

Colorado also is available in Pull Me Over Red, Black Meet Kettle, Summit White, Satin Steel Grey, Switchblade Silver, and Auburn Brown. Sail also is available in Blue Sky, Syracuse, Black Meet Kettle, Summit White and Galaxy Silver. On average, a Chevrolet vehicle has 10 to 12 color options throughout its lifecycle.

Among the more unusual car colors available in the Philippines are a light bright blue called “Mint My Mind” and cheerful chartreuse green called “Brimstone” – both unique to Chevrolet Spark.

“Exterior color is one of the most important factors in the purchase process,” said Lyn M. Buena, Senior Vice President and Director for Marketing of The Covenant Car Company, Inc. (TCCCI), the exclusive importer and distributor of Chevrolet vehicles and parts in the Philippines. “Our new color options provide customers with exciting new opportunities for personalization and further expands the appeal of our iconic American cars and trucks.”

When Chevrolet designers develop vehicle colors, they conduct extensive research into consumer preferences as well as fashion, consumer products, and high-end furnishings. Metallic hues like those available on many Chevrolet models are increasingly popular on high-tech industrial design products – from smartphones to kitchen appliances – and add contemporary flair to cars.

When assessing color options for production, designers use computer simulation models to see how a new color shifts in tone and shows the shape of the car in changing light as it drives down the road.

As designers we are always exploring new and exciting applications and technologies that help to bring a color to life,” Murphy said. “Your vehicle choice is an expression of your lifestyle and there are certainly different priorities that come with that selection. When designing colors we always keep in mind the lifestyle needs of our different customers while still offering variety for different personalities.”

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