Mazda Philippines Gives The MX-5 a Cherry Soft Top, Manual Transmission for RF Variant

These new changes make the MX-5 an even better sports car than ever.

Mazda Philippines announces the arrival of the 2018 model year of the MX-5 roadster, which features some minor tweaks made under the sheetmetal, as well as the addition of new safety features, and the introduction of the limited edition Dark Cherry top for the automatic Soft Top variant. As we speak, these 2018 Mazda MX-5s are now available in all of its 20 dealerships nationwide

Underneath the 2018 MX-5 Soft Top’s sheetmetal is a retuned rear suspension for better ride comfort and handling, as well as a retuned electronic power steering system for better steering feel and more responsive handling. The most notable introduction for the Soft Top variant would be the addition of the limited edition Dark Cherry top exclusive to the automatic Soft Top variant.

A new selection of colors are also now available. Mazda’s Machine Gray is now available in the Soft Top variant, while Soul Red Crystal is now available in selected variants.

For the first time ever, the manual transmission is now offered in the Mazda MX-5 RF, while the brown Nappa Leather interior remains to be an option for the automatic variant.

One of the major changes for 2018 are a host of safety features introduced in most of the line-up. Adaptive LED Headlights and Lane Departure Warning are new safety features that are now offered as standard on the automatic Soft Top variant and the RF variant in both automatic and manual variants.

“Mazda Philippines is continuously providing driving enthusiasts the latest offerings of the world’s most popular sports car – the MX-5,” shares BAP president and CEO Steven Tan. He adds, “There has always been a strong demand for the MX-5 in the Philippines. By offering our customers not only an improved product, but also more trim options to choose from, we believe our fans will be able to find the ideal sports car that expresses their love and passion for driving.”

Soft Top MT: P1,880,000
Soft Top AT: P2,080,000
Soft Top AT (With Cherry Top): P2,160,000
RF MT: P2,200,000
RF AT: P2,250,000
RF AT (Nappa Leather): P2,300,000

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