Jaguar and Land Rover Opens Its New Home At EDSA Greenhills

Their swanky new showroom is one worth checking out.

After having the distributorship rights transferred to Coventry Motors Corporation, Jaguar and Land Rover have now formally inaugurated its new home along EDSA Greenhills, giving customers the complete British experience that’s unmistakable of the Jaguar Land Rover group.

“We begin a new chapter in our brand footprint in the Philippines with the opening of the new Jaguar and Land Rover showroom by All British Cars. This facility, like all our showrooms globally, was designed to allow our customers to immerse themselves in the Jaguar and Land Rover brand experience from the moment they walk through the doors of the showroom,” said Alistair Scott, sales director, Jaguar and Land Rover Asia Pacific Importers.  “We are delighted to find a partner in All British Cars that can make that happen for our customers and for our brands.”

The dealership is officially called All British Cars Greenhills. The design and architecture of the dealership follows the brand’s global ARCH design standard, giving all delaerships globally a uniform look. As such, furnitures and fixtures are needed to be imported from an international supplier.

The new showroom showcases the latest and greatest vehicles from the Jaguar Land Rover family, as well as its top notch customer service and aftersales facilities. Nine vehicles can fit inside the 10,000 square foot dealership, giving customers an opportunity to see a wide variety of premium British vehicle from the Jaguar Land Rover group’s diverse line-up. There’s also a boutique, which gives owners an opportunity to accessorize their ride, as well as purchase a wide range of Jaguar and Land Rover merchandise.

A dealer would not be complete without discussing its service area, which can handle multiple cars at any given time. At the lounge, cusrtomers can relax while their vehicle is being serviced, as well as view their cars through the screen located in the service reception area.

Visit All British Cars Greenhills today and see Jaguar and Land Rover’s latest product offerings that will surely fit a wide range of its customers’ lifestyles and preferences.

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  1. Is this the temporary dealership or the one they were constructing ?

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