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30 Years Of Toyota Motor Philippines: By The Numbers

Here's a fact. Toyota has sold more than a million cars in the Philippines.

For thirty years, Toyota Motor Philippines has been engrained into the Filipino society as a household name, much like how Coca-Cola is a staple name in fast food culture. For most of its thirty-year existence in the Philippines, Toyota has always been the largest car manufacturer in the country. For a clearer appreciation of the bigger picture, here is Toyota Motor Philippines’ brief track record for the past thirty years in numbers.


Toyota Motor Philippines donated 30 cars during last night’s prestigious event to the Philippine government as a sign of gratitude for the government’s continued support in cultivating the economic environment in the Philippines, as well as a sign of Toyota’s commitment to local manufacturing. 20 units of the Toyota Vios and 10 units of the Toyota Innova were handed over to President Rodrigo Duterte. Toyota donated 30 cars because it represents Toyota Motor Philippines’ thirty years of existence in the market.


This is Toyota’s current market share as of June 2018, which is more than a quarter of the entire automotive industry.


Credit: JavinToyota

This is Toyota Motor Philippines’ total number of dealerships, which includes Lexus Manila Inc.


Credit: Toyota Boshoku Philippines

This is Toyota’s total amount of suppliers whom are part of the Toyota Suppliers Club, helping create all the Vios, Innovas, Fortuners, Avanzas, and all the other Toyotas that we’ve come to know and love.


Credit: TMP School Of Technology

This is the staggering number of people who are working for Toyota Motor Philippines.


Credit: IB Times

This is Toyota Motor Philippines’ annual production capacity. Currently, the Toyota Vios and Innova are built at the Sta. Rosa, Laguna manufacturing plant.


This is the amount of cars Toyota has sold year-to-date as of June, 2018.


This is how much cars Toyota has sold during 2017, placing Philippines as the 9th largest market for Toyota’s global sales numbers during the said year.


This is the amount of cars Toyota Motor Philippines has manufactured since 1989.


This is the total number of cars Toyota has sold to the Filipinos since Toyota Motor Philippines took over in 1989. Counting the 30 years prior to Toyota Motor Philippines’ formation when it was still under Delta Motors, it is certainly possible to estimate that Toyota has probably sold close to two million cars.

To say that Toyota’s contribution to both the Filipino people and the economy is significant can be an understatement. For the entire value chain, which includes its suppliers, Toyota Motor Philippines employs over 53,000 employees. Total investments of the entire Toyota Group amounts to a staggering P58 billion from 1989-2017, bringing a total of an estimated P293 billion worth of government revenues, as well as P182 billion worth of procurement from local suppliers. Lastly, since 1997, the entire Toyota Group has made an estimate of US$13.6 billion, and all these contribute to a huge chunk in the Philippine economy and workforce.

Last night’s event was concluded by a speech given by Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, and his appreciation to Toyota Motor Philippines is indeed sincere and fruitful. His words indeed will bolster Toyota Motor Philippines as a key driver to the Filipino people’s economic, leisure, and household needs. He says that…

“The corporation has also been our government’s steadfast partner in many initiatives such as the Comprehensive Automotive Resurgence Strategy Program or CARS, which aims to attract more investments and implement regulations that will transform the Philippines into an automotive manufacturing hub.

As we continue to institute reforms in governance, Toyota Motor Philippines can count on my full support as it continues to bring the standards of the automotive industry to greater heights.

Today, I send a message to the rest of the business community: this government will protect you and your investments and will ensure a level-playing field for you to thrive in as long as you obey the laws of the land and safeguard the welfare of your people and general public.

Continue to become an example for other corporations to emulate. Show [everyone] that big corporations can give back to their communities.

Through your corporate social responsibility initiatives such as scholarship opportunities, reforestation projects, annual dental and medical outreach programs, you have pursued a meaningful business that works towards the upliftment of local communities that works towards — and the global environment. I ask you to continue doing so as we realize a more sustainable society.”

There you have it, folks! Toyota Motor Philippines’ contribution to the Filipino society as shown in these interesting figures. Again, Happy 30th Birthday to Toyota Motor Philippines.

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