Toyota Rolls Out Its Total-Care Service For Grab Driver-Partners

Toyota Rolls Out Its Total-Care Service For Grab Driver-Partners

Which will first debut in Singapore, then in the Philippines.

Ride-hailing vehicles accrue five times more mileage than privately-owned vehicles, and with 1,500 of them being Toyotas owned by Grab Holdings, Inc. (Grab) in Singapore through its subsidiary GrabRentals, it was inevitable that a bespoke maintenance service must be developed specifically catered to vehicles that are used extensively in the ride-hailing sector. To answer an increasing demand for vehicles being used for such purposes, Toyota Motor Asia Pacific Pte Ltd (TMAP), the sales & marketing regional headquarters of Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) in Asia, is offering the Total-Care Service in Singapore through Grab’s subsidiary, GrabRentals.

Toyota Rolls Out Its Total-Care Service For Grab Driver-Partners

By having the opportunity to work closely with the ride-hailing giant, Toyota’s Total-Care Service give Toyota the ability to gather vehicle data through a shared information platform to provide services to Grab driver-partners that include fleet management, vehicle insurance, and tailored maintenance packages specifically designed for vehicles that are driven more extensively than the average car owner. Through this Total-care Service, Grab is able to provide its driver-partners with more cost-efficient and timely maintenance services.

Toyota Rolls Out Its Total-Care Service For Grab Driver-Partners

In a nutshell, Toyota will be collecting driving data through their in-vehicle data-transmission device, TransLog, which will then be sent to the Mobility Services Platform (MSPF), an information infrastructure developed by Toyota Motor Corporation for vehicle connectivity. Through all these data, Grab, Toyota, and the local dealers will be able to use the data collectively in order to provide maintenance notifications and safety bulletins when the need arises. This is important as these cars rack-up much more kilometers than regular cars, and managing multiple cars at once can be frustrating. Therefore, through this system, fleet maintenance will become much more convenient for Grab’s driver-partners.

This new partnership will complement Grab’s analytical tools that allow drivers to understand how they drive and where they can improve. Grab driver-partners regularly telematics reports on their driving patterns like speeding, acceleration and braking, and more parameters will be added over time. Since the rollout of telematics on the Grab driver app last year, there has been a 50% reduction in speeding incidents and 20% reduction in hard braking and sudden acceleration, which are potential causes of road accidents.

Toyota Rolls Out Its Total-Care Service For Grab Driver-Partners

Ming Maa, President of Grab, commented: “We are excited to work with Toyota to roll out the Total-care Service to our Grab Rental fleet. The ability to meld data analytics with vehicle maintenance will make our rental fleet even safer for our driver-partners, and go toward achieving our goal to raise transport safety standards in the region.”

Susumu Matsuda, TMAP President, said: “We are starting this world-first Total-care Service herein Southeast Asia, making full use of Toyota’s strength such as our philosophy of Toyota Production System and vehicle connectivity technologies. I believe the service will support the sustainable growth of Grab’s business and help offer even safer and more attractive ride-hailing services.”

TMAP and Grab will offer this service to Grab-owned Toyota vehicles across Southeast Asia in phases. For now, the service has begun in Singapore through Toyota’s official distributor, Borneo Motors (Singapore) (BMS). This partnership is crucial as both companies will work together to increase the share of Toyota vehicles in Grab’s fleet in the region by as much as 25% by the year 2020. Additionally, Toyota’s world-renowned Toyota Production System (TPS), which is widely known for being able to eliminate “muda” a Japanese term for waste, will be integrated into Grab’s operations to improve the company’s efficiency.

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