Nissan Philippines Is The Only Manufacturer To Post A Double Digit Sales Growth Of 40%

Nissan Philippines Is The Only Manufacturer To Post Double Digit Sales Growth In 2018

As much as 40% more cars were sold.

Amidst the controversial TRAIN law, inflation, and increasing oil prices that happened in 2018, Nissan Philippines, Inc. (NPI) was the only manufacturer to post a double digit sales growth of 40%. This bucks the trend of a double digit decline of the overall automotive industry as a result of these factors.

NPI was able to sell 34,952 vehicles in 2018, compared to 24,995 in 2017 and 16,897 in 2016. Its market share grew from 5.3% to 8.7%, enough for NPI to receive the Global Nissan Sales Award for its outstanding sales performance last year. Because of this, NPI has now become the fourth largest automotive brand in the Philippines in terms of sales.

The key drivers to this double-digit sales growth are its Navara, which makes up 46.2% of the NPI’s sales, while the recently-launched Terra, NPI’s first foray into the PPV segment, contributed to 11.9% of the brand’s local sales. The Nissan Urvan and Nissan Almera also contributed to the brand’s overall sales, contributing to 19.5% and 17.5%, respectively.

But it looks like Nissan still isn’t resting on its laurels as it looks to continue achieving its double-digit sales growth. Currently, the brand has 44 dealers nationwide, but around 8 to 10 dealerships are planned to be opened this year. Also, the Nissan 370Z NISMO and Juke NISMO, which was previewed during the 2018 PIMS, are within the pipeline of NPI’s plans for 2019. These two cars are an addition to the NPI’s plans of finally bringing the NISMO high performance brand to the Filipino masses. These NISMO vehicles are an addition to the ever-growing local NISMO line-up, which already consists of the Nissan GT-R NISMO.

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