PIAA Si-Tech Wipers Are A Rainy Day Motoring Necessity
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PIAA Si-Tech Wipers Are A Rainy Day Motoring Necessity (With Video)

Wipers were the first I upgraded in my new car.

If you’re a follower of this space, you probably know I already bought a 2018 Mazda 6 Sports Wagon and I love my new steed so dearly. The one thing I immediately upgraded after getting my new and good looking companion is a set of PIAA Si-Tech wipers. Ever since I got my first car, which was a 2012 Honda Civic 1.8 EXI, I’ve put a lot of trust and amazement with how much these wipers are always able to provide a satisfying wipe. So as I got my new car, I immediately bought a new set. Since then, I’ve always had the satisfaction of having a clean wipe through my windshield all the time, even through torrential rains.

PIAA Si-Tech Wipers Are A Rainy Day Motoring Necessity

Over the years, PIAA Si-Tech wipers have become popular due to its ability to constantly make the windshield’s surface extremely slick enough for water beading to occur. Its frameless design creates more pressure points across the entire length of the blade for streak-free wiping. Furthermore, the wipers themselves utilize PIAA’s patented silicone impregnated rubber blades, which continually reapplies an active silicone coating on the windshield during every wipe.

As a result of the excellent water beading that happens on the windshield, there are even times when the wipers do not need to be activated. To put this into perspective, just imagine RainX constantly being applied to the car’s windshield during every wipe.

Compared to the Mazda 6’s stock wiper blades, the PIAA Si-Tech wipers have been subjected to temperatures as high as 100-degrees Celsius for over 100 hours, and yet, the blades themselves have not warped or deformed. In short, there’s no need to lift the wiper blades up during the summer heat. You can immediately tell this because the wipers themselves feel a lot thicker and sturdier than the Mazda 6’s stock wipers.

PIAA Si-Tech Wipers Are A Rainy Day Motoring Necessity

There are three types of the PIAA silicone wipers: Traditional (Super Silicone), Hybrid (Aero Vogue), and Flat/Beam-style (Si-Tech). A pair of these PIAA Si-Tech wipers costs less than P3,000 for the 24-inch and 18-inch blades that the Mazda 6 needs. Installation is very easy, especially if your car uses a J-hook for its wiper blades because by default, the PIAA Si-Tech wipers have the J-connector fitted by default. In this case, my Mazda 6 uses a J-hook, so it was just a matter of removing my old wipers and simply installing my Si-Tech wiper blades in a few clicks. If your car uses a different type of hook, don’t fret. PIAA has included different hooks for different types of wipers out there. The installation process will be slightly longer as you’ll need to select which hook you need for your vehicle.

PIAA Si-Tech Wipers Are A Rainy Day Motoring Necessity

The last step is to add the windshield preparation pack. This involves unpacking what seems to be wet wipes for your windshield. Just wipe it all over the entire windshield and then dry it off after 10 minutes. That’s it! You’ve completed your rainy day upgrade. I assure you, this will be the best upgrade you’ve done for your car, especially that the rainy season is already upon us.

Do note that the Si-Tech’s cleaning action will work even better if the windshield has been detailed and is free from pesky acid rain marks.

Interested? PIAA Si-Tech wipers are available across numerous automotive shops. You may also contact or inquire at their official Facebook page or through 09175754812.

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