Every New Volvo To Arrive In The PH Will Have An Electrified Powertrain Starting This Year

Every New Volvo To Arrive In The PH Will Have An Electrified Powertrain Starting This Year

Volvo is the first premium car manufacturer to launch a plug-in hybrid in the PH.

Volvo Philippines officially launched the country’s first plug-in hybrids namely the T8 variants of the Volvo XC60 SUV, the Volvo S90 estate, and the Volvo XC90, which is considered by the Swedish carmaker as its own triumvirate of fast and fierce premium vehicles who aims to advocate safer and cleaner mobility.

Held at Maybank BGC Arts Center last September 27, 2019, a set of panelists led by the Volvo Philippines CEO and President Atty. Alberto B. Arcilla discussed in the forum the hard facts about the environmental challenges everyone is facing, and how Volvo is leading the change in transforming the automotive landscape.

“Volvo has always been cognizant of our part in environmental issues. That is the reason why we have incorporated care for the environment as one of our core values. As early as the 1970s, Volvo has already made concrete steps in finding solutions to environmental challenges. Since then, Volvo has pushed the boundaries in addressing the environmental impact that our cars make.”

Aside from being a founding member of the UN Global Compact, Volvo is also the first premium car manufacturer to declare an industry-leading commitment to electrify its Volvo model range, with fully electric cars making up half of its global sales by 2025. To reach that goal, Volvo will only offer electrified vehicles, ranging from mild-hybrids to fully electric vehicles, from this point onwards.

One of the cars that were displayed on stage is the XC60 T8 plug-in hybrid. As presented in the forum, Volvo’s T8 Twin Engine technology delivers all the benefits of a high-performance, low emission petrol engine with an electric motor, delivering plenty of power on demand with ultralow CO2 emissions and more than 40 km of pure electric range. Each Volvo plug-in hybrid that is available in the country has over 400 hp that can deliver an exhilarating drive. The new electrified powertrain also offers drivers up to 15 percent fuel savings and emissions reductions in real-world driving.

The XC60 SUV, along with the S90 and XC90 offers a range of drive modes to suit every occasion—from full Power, Pure Electric, and Balanced Hybrid mode. This allows for a no-compromise combination of pure battery-electric power and an efficient petrol engine that gives new meaning to the word flexibility.

There has never been a better time to switch to electric mobility. Volvo cars are designed with people and the environment in mind for an easier, earth friendly experience.

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