Here's Why You Need CTEK's Holiday Special Value Pack For Your Car's Battery

Here’s Why You Need CTEK’s Holiday Special Value Pack For Your Car’s Battery

Extend your car battery's life with a CTEK battery charger.

Ah, yes! The humble car battery. It is something that we often take for granted in our cars on a daily basis. If our car starts normally, it’s easy for us to simply forget our car battery’s purpose and importance. We have also kept ourselves glued to the mindset that we should replace our batteries every two years on average. Little do motorists know that there is a way to extend the service life of our car battery and save money from bi-annual replacements in the long run.

The final quarter of 2019 is also when Filipinos prepare for their favorite time of the year: Christmas. The holidays are notorious to bring Manila to a halt and malls are expected to be packed with shoppers scouting for the most precious gifts out there. It is also when families plan a long drive to the provinces. Nevertheless, preparedness is key — whether it’s in drafting your shopping list or keeping your car in shape to make sure it will be smooth throughout that road trip.


The best gift is often an item that becomes useful for the recipient, and with that in mind, there is no other useful gift for a motorist this Christmas than a CTEK car battery charger. CTEK has launched a special value pack that bundles the essentials for maintaining your vehicle’s battery whilst making it easy on the pocket. The hero of this limited edition bundle box is CTEK’s best-selling MXS 5.0, the all-around smart battery charger designed to evaluate, recondition, and charge conventional 12V lead-acid batteries and AGM batteries for vehicles with an engine idling start/stop system.

CTEK MXS 5.0 AGM Battery

Left your car at your garage for far too long to make the battery go flat? The MXS 5.0 features the CTEK signature 8-step charging cycle and pulse-monitoring system that not only charges your battery but also reconditions it to make sure that it is in its tip-top shape. Regularly charging and reconditioning your car’s battery with the MXS 5.0 should also extend its life to even double its usual service life.

CTEK Value Pack Bundle

Exclusive to the holiday special value pack is the addition of a free Comfort Indicator Eyelet that not only makes connecting the charger to the battery more convenient but also gives the user an easier way to identify the battery’s condition. At the same time, to avoid slips and promote secure handling, there is also the Bumper 60, a non-slip silicone rubber sleeve to protect the charger from possible drops.

This set is valued at P8,280, but for a limited time, CTEK is offering the entire bundle at only P7,300, resulting in a total savings of P980 per set. Additionally, CTEK is also throwing in a free 5,000 mAh CTEK power bank designed to charge your favorite mobile and digital devices.

The CTEK battery maintenance value pack is now available for purchase at select Blade Asia branches and at Parts Pro ( For more information, interested customers can reach the exclusive CTEK distributor at or through 0917-5754812.

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