Post Your Mazda Story, Win A Dinner For Two At Escala Tagaytay

Once the quarantine is lifted, Mazda Philippines will treat the lucky ten winners to a dinner for two at Escala Tagaytay.

In case you missed it, Mazda Philippines is currently holding a contest on Facebook called My Mazda Story. For the next ten (10) weeks, which started on April 24, the Japanese automaker will post a set of instructions guiding participants on how they can post their Mazda story. The best part is, as long as you have a driver’s license and a resident of Luzon, you are eligible to join the contest.

For this week’s contest, the Japanese automaker is asking fans and owners their dream three-car garage. Of course, all three slots should be filled with Mazdas. To participate just visit the Mazda Philippines Facebook page and then post your dream three-car garage in the comments section of the contest poster.

Post Your Mazda Story, Win A Dinner For Two At Escala Tagaytay

A total of 10 winners over the course of the entire competition. The 10 lucky winners will be treated to a dinner for two at Escala Tagaytay. Of course, the prize will be given to the winners once the quarantine has been lifted.

The winner for the second round will be announced on May 4 at 6 pm on the Mazda Philippines Facebook page, so be sure to hurry up and post your dream three-car Mazda garage. Interested participants can view the full mechanics here:

  1. The contest is open to any Facebook user who follows the Mazda Philippines page, resides in Luzon, Philippines, and with a valid driver’s license.
  2. For 10 weeks (on April 24th and every Wednesday beginning April 29) at 12 noon, Mazda Philippines will post a contest on Facebook, guiding participants to share their Mazda story. Qualified contestants can submit their answers via the post’s comment section.
  3. Mazda Philippines will select a winner by Monday 6 pm the following week. The winner will be announced through a Facebook post on the same day, and the page will reply to their comment for the next instructions.

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