Mazda PH Offers Discounts, Longer Warranty For Engine Start/Stop Batteries

Mazda PH Offers Discounts For Engine Start/Stop Batteries

Mazda Philippines is now offering discounts and a longer warranty for its engine start/stop battery. The discount is only valid until July 30, 2020.

Ever since Skyactiv Technology was rolled out in the entire Mazda lineup, most Mazdas sold since then came with the brand’s i-Stop engine idling start/stop system. i-Stop does help save fuel, but the system needs a special kind of battery in order to work properly. Called an enhanced flood battery (EFB), this special engine start/stop battery enables the engine to shut off and then restart quickly when the vehicle is momentarily stopped at a stoplight for instance.

EFBs also allow up to 85,000 start/stop cycles–much more than what a standard battery can provide. Despite this, EFBs can still wear out faster in highly-congested cities such as Manila, wherein most vehicles start and stop too frequently. This is easily remedied if you have a smart car battery charger that keeps the battery in peak condition and even extends the battery’s life.

With this in mind, Mazda Philippines is offering its engine start/stop battery with a 10 percent discount until July 30, 2020. Additionally, all EFBs now come with a longer two-year warranty for added peace of mind to Mazda owners.

i-Stop is part of Mazda’s range of Skyactiv tech, which includes the engine itself, the transmission, and even how the entire vehicle architecture was developed. The entire suite of Skyactiv technologies was designed to make Mazdas have that trademark sporty driving feel whilst still providing excellent fuel efficiency.

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