Nissan Magnite Concept Previews Upcoming Small SUV

Nissan Magnite Concept Previews Upcoming Small SUV

The Nissan Magnite Concept previews the Japanese automaker's upcoming small SUV. It'll be the smallest SUV in Nissan's line-up.

The new Nissan Magnite Concept makes its debut in India. This concept car is a preview of the brand’s upcoming small SUV, joining the ranks of the Kicks and Juke. The Nissan Magnite is part of the Nissan NEXT, which is the Japanese automaker’s long-term goal to reinvigorate its aging line-up.

Nissan Magnite Concept Previews Upcoming Small SUV

The name Magnite is a combination of the words “magnet” and “ignite.” The word ‘magnetic’ is meant to highlight the small SUV’s design and product attributes that will attract customers. Meanwhile, ignite emphasizes the beginning of a new era that Nissan wants to bring in India. These are their words, not ours. Now, as for its design, it does look good in concept form. Whether its stylish design will remain unchanged when the production model arrives remains to be seen. Some of the Magnite Concept’s design details are not what you expect in a Nissan though. Whereas Nissans usually feature the brand’s V-Motion grille, this one uses an octagonal design. Perhaps the Magnite was supposed to be a Datsun product until Nissan decided to phase out its low-cost brand.

Unsurprisingly, no interior photos of the Nissan Magnite Concept were shown. However, Nissan did say that this model will feature a spacious interior. There will also be features such as an 8-inch touch screen and a 360-degree camera.

Powertrain details are also unavailable at the moment. Though rumors are circulating that the production Nissan Magnite will be powered by a 1.0-liter inline-3 gasoline engine. Transmission options are expected to be a 5-speed manual or a CVT.

“The Nissan Magnite is an evolutionary leap in Nissan’s global SUV DNA. With cutting-edge technology onboard, it will be a game-changer in its segment. A bold offering in the sub-four-meter category, we are confident that Nissan Magnite will redefine the B-SUV segment for the industry. The Nissan Magnite is made on the philosophy of ‘Make in India, Make for the World’ and has been designed in Japan while keeping in mind the requirements and aspirations of Indian customers.” said Rakesh Srivastava, Managing Director, Nissan Motor India.

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