Are You Toyota PH's Target Customer For The 2021 Toyota Vios?

Are You Toyota PH’s Target Customer For The 2021 Toyota Vios?

Toyota Motor Philippines reveals the 2021 Toyota Vios's target customer, along with other interesting statistics about its subcompact sedan.

One thing that we at Go Flat Out PH find interesting at Toyota Motor Philippines’ (TMP) new car launches is its marketing presentations. This is the segment wherein the Japanese automaker showcases the 2021 Toyota Vios’ target customer along with the market situation of the segment it’s competing in. Here are some interesting statistics to know about the Vios line-up as a whole.

Since the Toyota Vios was sold in the Philippines, 320,000 units have already been sold. Local production of the Toyota Vios began in 2007, in which 296,994 units have been produced since then. As of the end of 2019, the Vios holds a massive 38.6 percent market share. This means that almost four out of ten subcompact sedans sold in the Philippines is a Toyota Vios.

Suffice to say, the Philippine-made Toyota Vios is a huge contributor to the lifestyle of Filipinos. It’s not just the country’s “people’s car,” but it’s also the driver of the local automotive industry. This new 2021 Toyota Vios, with its upgraded exterior design and features, is expected to maintain its sales lead even further.

Now that the new Toyota Vios will go on sale starting this Monday, you are now probably excited to head towards your nearest Toyota dealership to see the new subcompact sedan in person. But before you visit your nearest dealer, you might be interested to find out if you are the Toyota Vios’ target customer.

TMP says that many Toyota Vios customers are first-time car owners. Meanwhile, the average age of the Toyota Vios buyer ranges from 30 to 39 years old. Among Toyota Vios owners, 60 percent are male while 40 percent are female. 68 percent of Toyota Vios owners also happen to be married. Lastly, the average monthly household income of the typical Toyota Vios buyer hovers around P80,000 to P85,000. 

The 2021 Toyota Vios has been upgraded with a revised front end and a couple of new features on some variants. Pricing for the Toyota Vios ranges from P671,000 to P1,056,000. Vios buyers will also benefit from a free maintenance package for up to 20,000 kilometers, a 5-year warranty, and one-year comprehensive insurance. Loyal Vios customers can also opt for special trade-in deals, while first-time Vios buyers can opt for financing deals.

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