Toyota Is Still The World’s Most Valuable Car Brand

Toyota is once again crowned as the world's most valuable car brand, followed closely by German luxury automakers Mercedes-Benz and BMW.

This probably isn’t news anymore at this point. For the longest time now, Toyota has been once again ranked as the most valuable car brand in 2020. The rankings were released by international brand consultancy firm Interbrands, which ranks Toyota as the seventh most valuable brand in its list.

It’s no surprise that Toyota has held the top spot among car brands once again this year and is one of only two car brands in the top 10. At 8th place is Mercedes-Benz, which also holds the distinction as the most valuable luxury car brand for 2020. The German luxury automaker also happens to be the only European company in the top 10.

Rounding out the top 3 automakers on this list is BMW, which is on 11th. Whereas Mercedes-Benz is trimming down the number of vehicles it is offering, BMW is currently doing the opposite. Only time will tell which business model is more profitable or effective.

Next on this list of most valuable car brands are Honda (20th) and Hyundai (36th). Making the biggest jump this year is Tesla. The electric car company isn’t part of the top 100 in 2019, so the jump to 40th place or the fifth most valuable car brand on this list is impressive to say the least.

“In July, Tesla overtook Toyota as the world’s most valuable carmaker — never mind that it made 370,000 cars against Toyota’s 10 million and a fraction of its revenues. There are industrial drivers behind this performance – most notably, a significant edge in battery technology and software. But these are the results of coherent moves – innovation, launches, adjacencies and, yes, buzz – inspired by a clear direction: a clear purpose translated into subsequent industrial targets,” says Interbrand.

The other car brands in the top 100 list are Volkswagen (47th), Porsche (55th), Nissan (59th), Ferrari (79th), Kia (86th), Land Rover (93th), and Mini (95th).

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