Ford PH Wants To Break The Stereotype That Pickup Trucks Are Mostly For Men

Ford PH Wants To Break The Stereotype That Pickup Trucks Are Mostly For Men

Pickup trucks have evolved through modern times, and Ford wants to break the stereotype that these vehicles are mostly for men.

Pickup trucks have traditionally been seen as vehicles for men primarily because of their looks, use, and purpose as a workhorse. But over the years, the need for a pickup truck has evolved, making it a mobility partner not just for work and utility, but also for personal interests and lifestyles, expanding its appeal to larger audiences.

Once the vehicle of choice for people whose business required heavy towing and loading, pickup trucks like the Ford Ranger have evolved into modern lifestyle vehicles that offer the same comfort and technologies as passenger cars, but with the versatility and toughness to function as a workhorse, business partner, family vehicle, and anything in-between. Work or play, the modern pickup truck has become the ultimate expression of personal independence and empowerment, increasing its appeal with urban families, youth, and women. 

With this in mind and recognizing the growing segment of female pickup truck consumers across the region, Ford Philippines brought to life its new campaign ‘Ranger for Her’, which aims to bring its wide pickup portfolio closer to women customers and drivers. 

With ‘Ranger for Her’, Ford engaged strong and empowered women to represent the ‘Built Ford Tough’ qualities of the Ford Ranger. Actress and advocate Iza Calzado was chosen to be the face of the ‘Superheroes’ campaign, an advocacy program that positions the Ford Ranger as an enabler of good and meaningful deeds, while beauty queen and entrepreneur Rachel Peters was selected as the face of the ‘Great Driving Roads’ campaign that puts the Ranger as a partner in driving and reviving local tourism. 

Early in October, Iza took the Ranger Wildtrak to a Gawad Kalinga community in Dasmarinas, Cavite to recognize the hardworking women who are part of the Kusina ng Kalinga project. The women community leaders of the project wake up at 3:00 am to prepare and cook meals for over 300 individuals on a daily basis. In recognition of their heroic and tireless efforts to feed the community, Iza brought with her 200 sanitation kits and disinfection materials consisting of alcohol products, face masks, face shields, and sanitation wipes onboard the Ranger Wildtrak.

Ford PH Wants To Break The Stereotype That Pickup Trucks Are Mostly For Men

In her message to the community, Iza shares, “I am honored to be standing before you to recognize all the sacrifices you have been doing for your community over the past few months. During this pandemic, the only way to move forward is to help, love, and care for each other. As women, it is our role to nurture those around us because of our strong, tough, and resilient nature. The mothers in this community are true frontliners in this regard, as they care for everyone around them every day.” 

“Life is a journey, not a destination” is a famous quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson that holds true with the Great Driving Roads campaign led by Rachel Peters. In this program, Rachel takes the Ranger Wildtrak to an adventure of a lifetime, showcasing the country’s scenic spots and driving routes and eventually meeting people whose life stories will enrich the road trip experience further. Rachel will star in a two-episode travel video series that will premier on her social media channels and on Ford Philippines’ social media channels in November. 

“Traveling during the lockdown is quite difficult, but if you follow safety and health protocols, it is possible. The Ford Ranger is built for so many things and is perfect for adventure-driven women who love to escape the urban jungle. Roads are slowly opening up again and this is exciting news for us all. The opportunity to be immersive and spend quality time in the great outdoors once the pandemic is over is something I’m sure all of us will no longer take for granted,” Rachel shared.

More and more women such as Iza and Rachel are breaking through the expectations and obstacles of modern-age womanhood. This is why an increasing number of them are choosing pickup trucks, such as the Ford Ranger, as a capable and reliable partner that allows them to live their best lives and takes them exactly where they need to be. 

Being a tough woman is about serving the community, making a difference, and enjoying life’s adventures while inspiring others to build strength from within and ultimately changing the world. The Ford Ranger is the perfect vehicle for the woman who can do it all.

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