Blaupunkt Airpure AP 1.0 Product Review
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Blaupunkt Airpure AP 1.0 Product Review

Blaupunkt Airpure AP1.0 is able to filter a host of bacteria and viruses to keep the air in your car's interior clean.

COVID-19 has affected every facet of our daily lives. Even the way we perceive our cars has significantly changed due to the threat of the novel coronavirus. As a result, we constantly search for ways to disinfect our car’s interior in order for us to be safe. But apart from the surfaces we touch in our cars, there’s also the threat that the virus might also be present in the air. So in search of having the peace of mind of a clean car interior, we’re going to take a look at the Blaupunkt Airpure AP 1.0.

Blaupunkt Airpure AP 1.0

Available at Lazada’s 11.11 sale via The Hygienist Store, the Blaupunkt Airpure AP 1.0 can be yours for just P3,988 instead of P5,650. From a design standpoint, the German aftermarket brand’s air purifier will easily complement the interior design of the car. It looks like a tumbler, except for the part that it has vents and a three-stage filtration system, which we’ll get back to later.

Dimensionally, the Airpure AP 1.0 can fit into most cupholders. In addition, there’s no complex setup process needed in order for it to work. Simply plug and play it into your car using the USB cable or a connector that’s compatible with a 12V socket.

Blaupunkt Airpure AP 1.0

Going back towards that filtration system, the machine visibly sucks up dust when you look close enough. The three-stage filter includes an ultraviolet (UV) light that kills bacteria and viruses as it enters the device. The results of that filtration system are easily noticeable to those who are more sensitive to allergies like me. The air inside my personal car is easier on my sinuses and is a little bit drier. In addition, the Blaupunkt Airpure AP 1.0 can accommodate a few drops of scents if you want your car’s interior to smell fresh.

Now, is the Blaupunkt Airpure AP 1.0 worth your money? Absolutely. While we can’t obviously test how effective it is against COVID-19, the way it reduces dust and other allergens inside the car should give worried owners the peace of mind of having cleaner air whenever they use their cars on their daily errands. Do note that this isn’t a substitute for not wearing masks or not using alcohol, especially since it primarily cleans the air only.

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