Do You Like Peugeot's New Logo And Branding?

Do You Like Peugeot’s New Logo And Branding?

Peugeot's new logo harks back to its past whilst looking forward to a new future. The new logo signifies Peugeot's upmarket push.

Recently, a number of automakers have been rebranding themselves in order to keep up with the times. Brands like General Motors, Nissan and even Kia rebranded themselves either as a way to showcase their electric future or as a sign that the brand is moving upmarket. The newest automaker to change their brand image is French automaker, Peugeot. Founded in 1850, Peugeot has already undergone ten logo revisions. The eleventh revision of Peugeot’s signifies the brand’s intention to move upmarket.

Peugeot's New Logo And Branding

After having completely overhauled its vehicles over the last 10 years, Peugeot is redesigning its logo to keep pace with its products. The first model to feature this new logo will be the next-generation Peugeot 308. The new logo is also the French automaker’s boldest move yet under Stellantis, the new automotive group formed between PSA and FCA.

Peugeot's new logo

Peugeot says that with its new logo, the brand harks back to its past and the future. The new logo will be accompanied by a global marketing campaign dubbed “Lions of Our Time”. This campaign is aimed at empowering its current and new Peugeot owners. Along with this, the French automaker will be unveiling a line of clothing, stationery, tableware and even a wide range of accessories.

Peugeot’s new branding direction also aims to radically revolutionize the retail and ownership experience. The new dealers that Peugeot is set to unveil will be designed as a social and retail space, wherein customers will be able to explore the various features and technologies of Peugeot, along with its transition to electrified vehicles. Apart from offering a completely new retail experience, the French automaker will also overhaul its online sales networks globally.

So, how do you like Peugeot’s new logo and branding design? Do let us know in the comments section.

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