Beware Of Fake PIAA OTO Horns Flooding The Market

Beware Of Fake PIAA OTO Horns Flooding The Market

Fake PIAA OTO Horns are flloding the market. Take note of these guidelines in order to spot the real versus the counterfeit ones.

Buyers beware is the warning of PIAA Philippines to consumers who might be misled into purchasing fake PIAA OTO Style Horn. These knock-offs are priced cheaper than the authentic PIAA OTO Horns, but the quality is obviously compromised and does not match the performance of the original. Here are a number of ways to immediately spot whether you are buying the real deal or not. 

  1. Check the packaging. The original OTO Horn box has a higher resolution depth of detail of the Horn image, while the fake ones have no depth, the image is flat and stretched out. 

  1. The decals of the original PIAA OTO Horns box uses a stylized “R” in the word “HORN”. The reflective material of the sticker paper used is also thinner, more delicate, and premium. 

  1. The original OTO Horn product has the correct PIAA logo — wider letters and no spaces in between the letters; has deep and cleaner etchings of the logo and the product specifications. The body of the horn itself is slimmer. 


  1. The original OTO Horn has an upside-down “>ABS<” mark, while the fake version’s mark is right-side up.


  1. The actual sound of the fake horn is completely different from the original PIAA OTO Horn.

PIAA products, from lights to automotive horns have undergone stringent testing; and have been subjected to a lengthy research and development time to never compromise quality, reliability, and safety. 

PIAA Philippines is in the process of taking legal action against the sellers of these fake PIAA products for the safety of the public. In the meantime, the brand urges consumers to be vigilant and to only purchase from official and accredited dealers. 

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