2022 Ford Maverick Is Smaller Than A Ranger, More Efficient Than A Civic

2022 Ford Maverick Is Smaller Than A Ranger, More Efficient Than A Civic

Fitted with the standard hybrid powertrain, the Ford Maverick is more fuel-efficient than the all-new Honda Civic.

Ford has just unveiled the all-new Maverick, and it will be the American automaker’s smallest pickup to go on sale soon. The all-new Ford Maverick is dimensionally smaller than the Ranger and it also comes as standard with a hybrid powertrain which Ford says makes the Maverick more efficient than the all-new Honda Civic. Consequently, this also makes the Maverick the most fuel-efficient pickup in America.

“The Maverick product proposition is like nothing else out there. It’s a great-looking truck featuring four doors with room for five adults, a standard full-hybrid engine with city fuel economy that beats a Honda Civic, plenty of towing and hauling for weekend trips or do-it-yourself projects, and it starts under $20,000,” said Todd Eckert, Ford truck group marketing manager. “Maverick challenges the status quo and the stereotypes of what a pickup truck can be. We believe it will be compelling to a lot of people who never before considered a truck.”

The Ford Maverick isn’t a body-on-frame pickup, though. Instead, this compact truck is based on the Bronco Sport. Mind you, the Bronco Sport is the smaller, unibody crossover version of the body-on-frame Bronco. This means it should directly compete with the recently-unveiled Hyundai Santa Cruz. Its unibody construction is evident from its ride height, which is about 3 inches lower than the Ranger, eliminating the need for a step board.

2022 Ford Maverick

2022 Ford Maverick

Design-wise, the Maverick looks purpose-built as a vehicle for adventure. As such, the exterior looks much more conventional than what the Santa Cruz offers. Upfront, you get an upright grille that sort of reminds us of older Chevy pickups due to the black bar running across its width. At the sides and rear, there’s not much to talk about either. Still, the Ford Maverick manages to look tough and cool without being too utilitarian.

2022 Ford Maverick Interior

2022 Ford Maverick Interior

The interior of the Ford Maverick has also been purpose-built for adventure, featuring a number of storage areas and even what Ford calls FITS or Ford Integrated Tether System. This is basically a slot behind the center console that lets owners mount a number of accessories. Ford says that they’ll even publish the required dimensions so that owners can fit their own 3D-printed accessories.

There are even more practical aspects to be discovered around the interior. The door pockets, for instance, have been well thought out as they have been designed to be able to fit a tablet. And of course, being a pickup, interior materials focus more on the durable rather than plush side of things. As standard, an 8-inch touch screen infotainment system comes as standard, though the SYNC3 operating system will be an option on the Lariat variant.

Ford has also spent extra effort in designing the vehicle’s wiring systems. Knowing that pickup customers love to accessorize their pickups, the Maverick features two 110V outlets, one each inside the cabin and in the bed. In addition, the Maverick comes as standard with a built-in 12-volt electrical power prewired to an easily removable cover on either side of the back of the bed to support DIY electrical projects.

“People have forever been hacking into their wiring harness to run things like lighting, air pumps, and other useful accessories,” said Grajales. “This is a better solution – we’re enabling customer needs while protecting the taillamp wiring and creating a fused circuit to avoid compromising the overall electrical system. With this, you have the option to select the factory-available box lighting or install your own home-built lighting setup, or even invent a whole new use for the 12-volt access points.”

2022 Ford Maverick

No stone was also left unturned when designing the Maverick’s bed. Ford calls it FLEXBED, which lets customers create segmented storage, elevated floors, bike and kayak racks, and more by sliding 2x4s or 2x6s into slots stamped into the side of the bed. There are two tie-downs, four D-rings, and built-in threaded holes in the sides to bolt in new creations.

“The whole bed is a DIY fan’s paradise,” said Keith Daugherty, an engineering specialist who helped develop the truck box for Maverick. “You can buy the bolt-in Ford cargo management system and we’re happy to sell it to you, but if you’re a bit more creative, you can also just go to the hardware store and get some C-channel and bolt it to the bed to make your own solutions.”

Powering the Ford Maverick are two engine choices. Interestingly, the entry-level choice is a hybrid powertrain that consists of a 2.5-liter Atkinson-cycle gasoline engine and an electric motor that offers a combined output of 191 hp and 210 Nm of torque. Power is then sent to the front wheels via a CVT. With this hybrid powertrain, the Maverick has a range of 804 kilometers before needing fuel, and its city fuel economy is at 40 MPG (around 17 km/l), making it more economical than a Honda Civic. As for cargo-carrying capability, this powertrain should let the Maverick carry up to 680 kg and tow up to 907 kg.

The other engine choice is a 2.0-liter turbocharged EcoBoost gasoline engine that produces 250 hp and 376 Nm of torque, sending power to the front or all four wheels via an 8-speed automatic transmission. When fitted with the 4K Tow Package, this engine lets the Maverick tow up to 1,814 kg.

The all-new Ford Maverick is expected to go on sale in the U.S. this fall. Do you wish Ford would offer the Maverick here in the Philippines?

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