The Maxus G10 With Assist Package Makes Travelling Easy For Elders
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The Maxus G10 With Assist Package Makes Travelling Easy For Elders

The Maxus G10 with Assist Package has proven to be useful to this family and their 95-year-old patriarch.

Overcoming challenging times requires making extraordinary choices. This led Theo Sandico and his family to arrive at the conclusion that the Maxus G10 with Assist Package is the best fit for their family, especially to their 95-year-old father who needs an extraordinary vehicle to help him effortlessly commute during the pandemic.

The Maxus G10 With Assist Package Makes Travelling Easy For Elders

Having owned his G10 van for over 6 months now, Theo and his family swears that they made the right decision when they chose to buy the Maxus G10 with Assist Package — an ideal option for the elderly, PWDs, and recovering patients. According to them, not only does the G10 van offer a “spacious, comfortable and very nice body design, it’s also the only van that has the ‘Assist Package’, or swivel seat.”

They say that the Maxus G10 with Assist Package’s programmable swivel seat which is strategically placed at the second row beside the sliding door “has been very helpful to get our 95-year-old father up into the van.” With the help of this swivel seat and comfortable passenger experience inside the G10 van, Theo’s father is able to safely and conveniently make important trips such as getting his Covid-19 vaccination and occasional trips from their hometown in Pampanga. This 9-seater van and its four rear captain seats also offer spacious interior and comfort amenities for the entire household too, without compromising passenger comfort and ride safety.  

Theo and his family’s worries are now put to ease with the G10 van’s “Max” build quality, design, and engineering, which come on top of 125 years of British-bred heritage, global expertise and experience in LCVs. Such characteristics enable all Maxus models to be attuned to the widely varying transport needs of the Filipino family and the country’s road and driving conditions. 

They also attest to Maxus Quezon Avenue Dealership’s professionalism when it comes to aftersales services even during the quarantine. “The Maxus dealership personnel have performed exceptionally well and efficiently. Despite the limited manpower as a result of strict quarantine protocols, they would call, even from home, to remind and inform us of the scheduled periodic maintenance service for our G10 van,” Theo narrates.

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