The Honda Odyssey EX-V Navi Makes Road Trips Luxurious And Memorable
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The Honda Odyssey EX-V Navi Makes Road Trips Luxurious And Memorable

The Honda Odyssey EX-V Navi makes a lot of sense to families looking for a luxurious and memorable way to travel.

The epic poem by Homer titled The Odyssey is about the long journey of a man named Odysseus. But we will not dwell too much on that because this article is about an MPV that will give you a memorable journey when you drive this car. An MPV that will create a great feeling of luxury and riding comfort. And yes, I am referring to the Honda Odyssey EX-V Navi.

2021 Honda Odyssey EX-V Navi Philippines

At first glance, you will say that there is nothing special about the odyssey except its brand that it is a Honda. The exterior is not that eye-catching and nothing to fancy about, but no one can deny the fact that the Odyssey is so popular proving its worth as a luxury ride and highly regarded, reasonably priced alternative than the 3 million-plus peso Alphard from Toyota. 

2021 Honda Odyssey EX-V Navi Philippines

You might be wondering what has changed on the exterior since you can easily notice that there were really no major changes made in the Body. But if you will look deeper, Honda has made significant changes in the details. There are modifications to the bumper specifically with the foglamp section which are now incorporated with LED strips. The grille is also new, which Honda used a dark chrome compared to the bright chrome in the previous model.  The added spokes in wheels complete the improvement making a more classic look for the new Honda Odyssey in addition to its smooth and forward-looking overall design.

The selling point for the Honda Odyssey and any other similar luxury/premium MPV is the middle row captain’s seats which are typically integrated with an ottoman, armrest, and holder. It is a big thing for a family looking for a relaxing and comfortable journey every time they hit the road. The seats have been upgraded with new headrests with side cushions so you can lie down more comfortably.

What will strike you when you see the interior of the Honda Odyssey EX-V Navi is luxury at its finest. The upholstery and door trim together with the seats are covered in very flexible leather. There is a 7-inch touchscreen audio unit with GPS navigation at the center of the dash and if you are sitting in the back, you can watch movies courtesy of its 9-inch drop-down monitor that they managed to fit in between a sunroof in front and a bigger motorized glass roof in the back. Worth mentioning also is its touch-sensitive panel climate control system for the driver, the front passenger, and the rear cabin.

2021 Honda Odyssey EX-V Navi Philippines

The third-row seats are actually big enough to accommodate 3 more people, a perfect fit for more than 5 family members like us. You can also feel the convenience of sitting in the third row since there are A/C vents in the ceiling as well.

Another impressive highlight you will appreciate about the Odyssey is the space it provides for bags and stuff when you do your groceries or if you need to bring large items. There is a space under the floor allotted for luggage and even big items when the third-row seats are up. And when the third-row seats are folded, you’ve got an extended load space up to the back of the captain’s seats. Baggage space is absolutely not a problem when going on a long vacation.

2021 Honda Odyssey EX-V Navi Philippines

My family took the Honda Odyssey out of town to experience the luxury and riding comfort it can offer. It was a 4-hour trip going to our destination and adding another few hours for traffic. The experience was so great that we did not notice the long trip simply because riding with the Odyssey will not bore you since you will definitely feel the calmness and comfort of the ride. We enjoyed every minute, every hour of our trip sharing wonderful memories with this MPV. It definitely gave me and my family a journey to remember.

The Odyssey comes with a push-button functionality through its smart key. You can open the motor-powered sliding doors from the key as you walk up to your Odyssey making it very useful in letting go of the heat inside the car in case you are parked in the sun.

The specifications of the Honda Odyssey EX-V are impressive. The safety features include the Anti-lock brakes, stability control, hill start assist, and airbags. It is worth mentioning as well as the blind spot alert system which guides you if there is a car or motorcycle within range and the cross-traffic alert system which informs you of the traffic when you are backing out of the parking. A big yes to Honda for making safety its number one priority.

What I loved about driving the Odyssey is the smoothness of maneuverability. Even if it is smaller than its American equivalent, it is still a big car and you will really be grateful for the decent handling that Honda has placed into the Odyssey. The 2.4-liter i-VTEC engine with 175 horsepower and 226 Nm of torque is just right for daily city driving and occasional long trips.

The downside though is the fuel economy which netted at 6.5 to 7 km/l during heavy traffic and long drives. The low floor and ground clearance offers an easy entrance and exit. However, it might be a cause of concern during rainy days. It would be good as well if the back wheels are lifted a notch higher than the front wheels to give a little ground clearance for humps.

2021 Honda Odyssey EX-V Navi Philippines

For P2,433,000, the Honda Odyssey EX-V Navi will definitely be one of the best value for money MPV if you are looking for a family car that will give you and your family the calmness and peace of mind that they deserve while traveling. While the changes to the Odyssey are at a minimum, Honda made sure that you will get a much better experience of luxury and comfort when you ride this MPV.

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