The Concept XM Previews BMW M's Upcoming 750-HP Hybrid SUV

The Concept XM Previews BMW M’s Upcoming 750-HP Hybrid SUV

Here's the BMW Concept XM. Do you like the way it looks? Well too bad, because this face will also debut in the X7 and 7 Series.

Take a look at the BMW Concept XM, which serves as a preview of the brand’s upcoming XM super SUV. Why is it called the XM and no number is attached to its name? Well, it’s because the XM will be unique to BMW M, just like the BMW M1 supercar from 1978. It’s only the second BMW M-only car to be ever built and is meant to celebrate BMW M’s 50th anniversary.

And what a way does this super SUV celebrate the brand’s 50th anniversary. The BMW Concept XM will eventually spawn the production XM, so its radical (albeit controversial) design will likely carry over with only a few toned-down design traits. The ginormous kidney grilles, however, will probably remain intact, along with those squinty LED daytime running lights that are separate from the main headlight clusters. If you can’t see them, it’s because they are housed in a V-shaped black panel surrounding the lower section of the front fascia.

BMW Concept XM

BMW Concept XM

This new front fascia design, however, won’t be unique to the XM. BMW says that it will also be adopted by its “luxury-class” models, and these would be the upcoming refresh for the X7 flagship SUV and the upcoming all-new 7 Series flagship sedan that’s expected to debut early next year.

Just as outlandish as the grille is the SUV itself, wherein the blocky design and bold shapes make the XM look almost like an armored car. Just above the windshield are integrated LED lights, while the roof itself tapers to the back of the SUV. Underneath those squared wheel arches are 23-inch wheels with center caps that remain upright even while on the move, just like in a Rolls-Royce.

The side profile of the BMW Concept XM features plenty of creases. It also has a thin black line that flows from the A-pillars all the way down to the flushed door handles. At the back, the sloping tailgate features a striking LED light strip, while the rear windshield features two BMW logos mounted on the top left and right edges, which pays homage to the BMW M1. Lastly, the Concept XM has strikingly-designed exhaust pipes.

BMW Concept XM Interior

The interior of the BMW Concept XM looks more traditional compared to the exterior. There’s plenty of brown leather on the seats, doors, dash, and steering, which is an unusual color choice for a BMW M car. On top of the dash are a pair of large screens running the newest iDrive 8, which can be controlled via touch or the rotary knob controller. Carbon fiber trims have also been placed around the interior. Interestingly, the weave itself has a hint of bronze, and it’s definitely a nice touch.

BMW Concept XM Interior

Look behind, and the level of subtlety is suddenly thrown out of the window again. The rear seats are upholstered in turquoise velvet, while the floor is done in thick green carpeting. Likewise, there’s no subtlety with the car’s headlining, as it features a geometric pattern with LED ambient lights highlighting its design.

As for its powertrain, BMW has confirmed that the production XM will get a will be composed of a V8 turbo gasoline engine and an electric motor. Sure, it does have its environmental benefits, especially since that the plug-in hybrid powertrain gives the XM an electric range of 80 kilometers, but its main goal is actually performance. The combined output is 750 horsepower and 1,000 Nm of torque, which are the highest ever in any BMW.

The production version of the BMW Concept XM is expected to make its debut in late 2022. It seems that with its outlandish design and performance, the production XM may compete with the likes of the Bentley Bentayga Speed and Lamborghini Urus.

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