These Tiny House Trailers By Atoy Customs Are Yours From Just P1.5M

These Tiny House Trailers By Atoy Customs Are Yours From Just P1.5M

You can custom order your own Tiny House Trailer from Atoy Customs with a starting price tag of just P1.5 million.

Upon the onset of the new normal, Atoy Customs veered away from its larger-than-life Manila-proofing projects, to focus its attention towards making Manila “Pandemic Proof”. However, after redirecting resources into pandemic-related products (such as face shields and partition walls), creative inspiration inevitably struck Atoy Llave, founder and namesake of the company. Through lockdown-induced YouTube binges, Atoy was introduced to the appeal of a Tiny House Trailer. Intrigued by the simple yet intricate construction of the homes, he took an old race car trailer and got to work.

As a leading innovator in Philippine motoring (as evidenced by his involvement in the Salamander Amphibious Tricycle, and in We Lift PWD Transportation Services), Atoy took on the challenge of creating a tiny house made for and by Pinoys. His vision was to create a product tailor-made to fit the family-centered, hospitable inclinations of the Filipino people; which is fully capable of holding its own against imported counterparts. After over a year’s worth of thorough planning and execution, Atoy Customs is proud to present the realization of such goals—the
first-ever Filipino-made Tiny House Trailer.

Atoy Customs Tiny House Trailer

Through the Tiny House Trailer, Atoy Customs aims to provide thrill-seeking customers with the means to create memorable adventures, anywhere from their backyards to deep into nature. While the Tiny House Trailer will eventually be available for purchase (P1,500,000 starting price), the company has decided to initially focus on bringing the tiny house experience to a larger crowd of Filipinos. As such, the first 10 Tiny House Trailers will soon be transferred to a scenic, outdoor location, to be made available as fun & quirky vacation rentals. Families and barkadas alike will be able to escape the noise of everyday life and unwind in the first-ever Filipino-made Tiny House Trailer.

Extending the experience even further, Atoy Customs also plans to give customers the option to convert their vans into their very own recreational vehicles (RV). Similar to the Tiny House Trailer, the RV integrates both comfort and adventure into an authentic home-on wheels setup. Inspired by his recent inclusion into the VanLife Philippines Facebook group, Atoy plans to lend the first few units to different personalities, to promote the perks and benefits of the lifestyle. While admittedly new to the segment, he plans to continuously strive to elevate his product to the next level.

True to the high standards of Atoy Customs, each part of the Tiny House Trailer is custom-crafted to bring innovative ideas to life. Every detail is purposefully designed to blend an authentic trailer feel with the comfort and convenience now synonymous with the brand. Features include:

  • Light-weight, waterproof, one-piece fiberglass panel construction
  • LifeSmart home automation system
  • Japan-imported interior finishing
  • Bunk bed, sofa bed, and convertible king-sized dinette (fits 5 comfortably)
  • 2 horsepower air conditioning unit
  • Full toilet and bath
  • Retractable, electric canopy
  • 8-ply tires for maximum load capacity
  • 14 x 7 x 7 ft. interior
  • Towable by SUV

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