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2022 Nissan Terra VL 4×4 Review

The 2022 Nissan Terra VL 4x4 is fundamentally similar to the VL 4x2, but it does have a few features that make it stand out.

With the influx of mid-size SUVs in the market nowadays, there are a lot of choices to choose from. Every brand has its own special features to entice the customers, but as the saying goes, first impressions last, what happens next is up to you. And sure did, the new 2022 Nissan Terra VL 4×4 has impressed not only me but a lot of people who waited to see and experience this new model. We’ve already driven the VL 4×2 variant, and while the two variants are largely the same, there are one or two features where this variant stands out.

2022 Nissan Terra VL 4x4 Philippines Review

At first glance, what will strike you is its good-looking appearance starting with its front end which has received the most in-depth redesign with a little more smooth-edged headlight compared to the previous model. On the other hand, the rear end appears more distinguished over its predecessor, choosing for smoothness rather than total boldness.

2022 Nissan Terra VL 4x4 Philippines Review

The vertical grille which is has been enlarged from the pre-facelift model, and the quad-LED headlights offer an exciting feel while the improved rear-end cleans up the rear and completes the transformation that everyone is delighted to see. Not to miss in the exterior upgrades are the new 18-inch two-tone alloy wheels which are available for all variants.

There have been lots of good and positive buzz about the Terra’s new look but honestly, the top of the bill is essentially its interior. This is where Nissan was able to achieve and made the biggest enhancement be it in safety, elegant design, and infotainment features.


The new dashboard is definitely a big improvement from the previous model, and believe me when I say that it is one of the finest looking in its class. It appears very neat and very premium. The smaller AC vents look classy which complemented the red leather panel together with the new 9-inch Nissan Connect infotainment system that comes with an 8-speaker Bose Premium Sound System package, and this is where the VL 4×4 stands out versus the VL 4×2.

There is also a wireless Apple CarPlay and (wired) Android Auto together with the new wireless charging pad and speed-sensing door locks which completes the package. Passengers at the back will appreciate the 11-inch flip-down rear monitor with HDMI input to watch movies or even play video games while on the road.


The D-shaped steering wheel with built-in controls for easy access to many functions enhances the driving experience. All the controls are exceptionally laid out as well—from buttons to switches, you can appreciate the classiness in its finest sense. The shift knob design also has a more premium touch. Nissan definitely made sure that you get all the positive vibes riding the new Terra. What I also like about the new 2022 Nissan Terra VL 4×4 are the improved Zero Gravity seats which have added support to the lower back giving extra comfort for daily trips and especially for long drives. All variants get to enjoy this noteworthy feature.

Just like the famous chocolate ad, “hard on the outside, soft on the inside”, The new Terra is not just a big looking SUV on the outside, but it also has all the configurations of a sizeable space on the inside giving the passenger all the comfort and relaxing experience. The second-row seats highlight the split-fold-sliding method with an auto tumble button in the center console that certainly gives an added convenience since it avoids the hassle of manually folding the second-row seat just to enter the third row. On the other hand, the legroom in the third-row seats is fairly manageable and satisfactory with just a little tweak in the configuration in the second-row seats to add extra space in the third row.

In the trunk, the second and third-row seats can be folded flat which gives huge space for baggage and other stuff plus you get a hidden compartment that gives extra space for small items. The redesigned tailgate looks neat and refined with the chrome trim bringing an appeal to it. One observation though is the missing power tailgate that its rivals have.

Under the hood, the Terra still uses the ever-reliable 2.5-liter in-line4 turbo diesel engine which packs 190 horsepower and 450 Nm of torque. In this case, it’s paired to a 7-speed automatic. While the numbers are not that impressive, it offers respectable performance on the road. Like any other diesel engine, it can sound a bit loud, but if there is one distinct improvement that Nissan did in the new Terra, it would be the NVH of the vehicle. You can barely hear the noise outside, thus letting you have a peaceful conversation inside. This is thanks to Nissan’s new acoustic front glass and additional sound insulation.

2022 Nissan Terra VL 4x4 Philippines Review

Unlike any other mid-size SUV in its segment, the Terra has made significant improvements to its body on frame chassis making only small amount of vibrations on the road providing comfortable riding experience just the same feel as when riding a unibody SUV like the Mazda CX-8, among others.

The VL 4×4 variant which I got the privilege of driving it as my review unit features a revolving controller that can switch between two-wheel drive to four-wheel drive effortlessly. Thankfully, this is also one of the few midsize SUVs to offer a rear locking differential, which is a feature that we consider essential in this day and age when off-roading as this gives you added traction if one of the wheels starts slipping.

2022 Nissan Terra VL 4x4 Philippines Review

As far as safety, Nissan has always been at the forefront, making sure that every time you drive the Terra, you always have peace of mind. The Terra is equipped with a suite of Nissan Intelligent Mobility or NIM features that include an Intelligent Around View Monitor, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Blink Spot Warning, Intelligent Rear-View Mirror, Lane Departure Warning, and Intelligent Forward Collision Warning with Intelligent Emergency Braking. The Driver Attention Alert feature has impressed me since it senses any sudden steer or swerve alerting the driver to focus and keep an eye on the road.

Unfortunately, the Terra VL does not have an adaptive cruise control system which could be an added pleasure out on the highway or in stop-and-go traffic. It is a plus, but for me, it is not a deal breaker since Nissan made up for it with other significant improvements.

I took the Terra for a quick spin coming from Cavite to Manila and you bet that this big boy has what it takes to challenge its rival. The 7-speed automatic performs well, but one thing I noticed while driving it was that the gear changes at 40 km/h aren’t as fast, but it improves effectively within the 100 km/h. By then, the engine happily cruises along at a little under 2,000 rpm. The driving comfort is very smooth that I could not notice that I was going at 140 km/h on a closed road. I’ve also proven the Terra’s toughness on rough roads, and it was a great experience knowing that the Terra has 225 mm of ground clearance and 800 mm maximum water wading. In terms of fuel consumption, the Terra netted 13 km/l on the highway and 8.5 to 9 km/l on city driving under my hands, which while not class-leading, it’s still pretty good for a midsize SUV.

2022 Nissan Terra VL 4x4 Philippines Review

The 2022 Nissan Terra VL 4×4 AT is priced at P2,339,000. It also comes with a 5-year / 150,000-kilometer warranty. A very competitive price that will go head-to-head with the competition. Nissan has proven that they are listening to their customers by giving value to its feedback and they are dead serious in getting the job done by giving value to your money.

Pricing and Rating

Exterior Design: ★★★★★
Interior Design: ★★★★★
Space and Practicality: ★★★★☆
Features: ★★★★☆
Safety: ★★★★★
Acceleration: ★★★★☆
Handling: ★★★★☆
Comfort: ★★★★★
Fuel Efficiency: ★★★★☆
Value For Money: ★★★★☆

Price: P2,339,000*

Overall: 4.4 out of 5

*Pricing is correct and accurate as of this article’s time of writing.

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