Avail Up To P150K In Discounts For The Maxus G50 MPV Until June 30

Avail of the Maxus G50 with discounts of as much as P150,000 until the end of June. Discounts on other Maxus models are also available.

The summer of 2022 is turning out to be a one truly exciting season for you and your entire family to finally venture forth and experience the exhilarating feeling of that long-overdue road trip. With this in mind, the Maxus G50 is serving up to be a compelling vehicle for your road trips, especially with the latest offers that are attached to it.  

Until June 30, 2022, Maxus Philippines now makes it even easier for you and your family to literally go all out with the Maxus G50 through these special discounts. 

For just P948,000, the G50 Comfort 1.3-liter MT is the gateway variant for hardworking Filipinos and their families to experience this one-of-a-kind MPV. It exudes modern styling, power and efficiency, a spacious interior, versatility, and safety with its rear parking sensors and electronic stability control for ease of control during inclement weather.

At a net SRP of P1,076,000 from its previous P1,179,000 price, the G50 Pro 1.5-liter highlights the variant’s attention to driver comfort and convenience, with its multifunction leather steering wheel, rear camera, keyless entry and push start, cruise control, electronic parking brake with auto hold and infotainment radio with 8-inch touchscreen.

The G50 Elite 1.5-liter—at a net SRP of P1,156,000 from the regular price of P1,259,000—adds even more premium amenities for drivers and passengers, such as auto climate control, 360-degree camera, 12-inch touchscreen radio, and roof rail, expanding even further the versatility, capacity, and all-around functionality of the compact MPV.

And then there’s the full-featured G50 Premium 1.5-liter with a net SRP of P1,288,000 from the previous P1,338,000, and boasts full-on features such as the electrically-adjustable front seats, panoramic sunroof, power tailgate, side airbags, power-folding exterior mirrors, LED headlamps, 17-inch alloy wheels, and a 6-speaker audio setup.

Maxus Philippines and its dealership network ensure worry-free travel with its exceptional VehiCare Program consisting of a 5-year warranty or 100,000 km, whichever comes first; 5-year free 24/7 Emergency Roadside Assistance (ERA); reliable parts management system; onsite and virtual product support; home service and pick-up and delivery; and maintenance costs that are 40% lower compared to other brands for the first 5 years.\

Furthermore, the following models are also being offered at special net SRPs:

  • The T60 2.8 MT Pro 4×2 pickup is now at just P948,000 (from P998,000);
  • The T60 Pro 4×2 is at P1,028,000 (from P1,078,000);
  • The T60 AT Elite 4×4 is at P1,278,000 (from P1,328,000);
  • The D60 1.5 AT Pro compact SUV is at P1,136,000 (from P1,240,000);
  • The D60 AT Elite is at P1,258,000 (from P1,338,000);
  • The V80 2.5 MT Flex van is at P1,040,000 (from P1,190,000);
  • The V80 Transport 15-seater is at P1,248,000 (from P1,278,000);
  • The V80 Transport 18-seater is at P1,258,000 (from P1,288,000);
  • The V80 Comfort 13-seater is at P1,430,000 (from P1,570,000);
  • The G10 1.9AT van is at P1,710,000 (from P1,790,000);
  • The D90 4×2 Premium midsize SUV is at P1,818,000 (from P1,918,000);
  • The D90 4×4 Premium is at P2,168,000 (from P2,268,000).

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