Here Are 5 Reasons Why Owning A Pickup Is Fun
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Here Are 5 Reasons Why Owning A Pickup Is Fun

Pickup trucks used to be very unrefined and agricultural, but over the years, they've become more refined and comfortable for daily use.

Let’s get one thing out of the way, I am not a fan of pickup trucks, or at least I WAS not a fan. I always thought of pickups to be crude, rudimentary, unrefined, stiff, and used for circumstances that are on the industrial and agricultural side of things. Over the years, however, pickups have become more refined and even handsome enough to a point that they’re more than just tools. They’ve now become lifestyle vehicles, and if there was one vehicle that lead the way in that aspect, that would be the Ford Ranger Wildtrak.

I first drove the current T6 Ford Ranger Wildtrak back in 2017. Back then, I had rock bottom expectations on pickups, but the moment I started driving the Ford Ranger Wildtrak, my prejudices were thrown out of the window. It became my favorite pickup. Even to this day, after numerous updates to this T6 platform which is already ten years old at this point, the Ford Ranger Wildtrak is still at the top of my list if ever I’d join the dark side of owning a pickup.

We have a comprehensive review of the latest model in Wildtrak 4×2 guise, so before this article becomes yet another review of the Ranger Wildtrak 4×4 that we have here, I’ll give you five major reasons why owning a pickup could be fun.

1. It’s Able To Go Along With Your Active Lifestyle

2022 Ford Ranger Wiltrak Bi-Turbo 4x4 Philippines

This pandemic has made me very active. I wouldn’t survive a week without going on a run or working out anymore. With a pickup, the bed has become a place for me to rest after a long run or when I decide to bring a bike. Yeah, I don’t use a pickup for construction or agricultural use. Instead, its large bed has become an easy place for me to store all of my athletic gear and even a bike if I desire to bring one. Not only is the bed perfect for carrying your life’s needs and wants, but it’s also a great place to socialize, which I’ll illustrate in my next point.

2. Tailgate Parties Are Fun With A Pickup

2022 Ford Ranger Wiltrak Bi-Turbo 4x4 Philippines

This is perhaps my primary reason why I want a pickup. Going out in the woods or watching the sunset is fun if you have a huge bed to hang out with. Drop down the windows, plug in your wireless speakers through the 12-volt socket in the bed (if available), pop open that can of beer or grab a cup of coffee from your nearest coffee shop, and watch the sun sink below the horizon. This is what epic bonding moments with friends are made of.

3. Pickups Are The Perfect Camping Buddy

2022 Ford Ranger Wiltrak Bi-Turbo 4x4 Philippines

With a huge bed behind you, not only is it a great place to hang out with friends, but it’s also a great place to set up a campsite. That huge open space gives you great flexibility to set up your sleeping quarters or your kitchen when given the necessary equipment. Hang an awning at the pickup’s roof (or roof rails if equipped), and you’re practically set in having the time of your life out in the woods. If you own an SUV, you can hang a tent on its roof, but it’s never gonna be as capacious as a pickup’s bed.

4. It Will Let You Travel Far

2022 Ford Ranger Wiltrak Bi-Turbo 4x4 Philippines

With all pickups sold in the Philippines being fitted with a diesel engine, their fuel efficiency is unparalleled when compared to an equivalent gasoline SUV. Granted, diesel fuel isn’t exactly cheap nowadays (it’s even more expensive than gasoline at this point), but combined with a diesel engine’s inherent efficiency and a pickup’s large fuel tank (around 70 liters on average), you are able to travel very far in a single tank of diesel. Just be prepared to shell out thousands when topping up a pickup as a consequence of its large fuel tank.

5. It Is Able To Go (Almost) Anywhere

2022 Ford Ranger Wiltrak Bi-Turbo 4x4 Philippines

Due to a pickup’s tall ride height, body-on-frame chassis, and solid rear axle, pickups are ready to traverse any terrain or any river that meets a pickup’s rated water wading depth. However, to truly be able to conquer all kinds of terrain, you also need a four-wheel drive (4WD) system. Not to be confused with all-wheel drive (AWD), a proper 4WD system comes with stuff like a low-range gearbox and a locking differential for the rear and/or front axles. We won’t go too deep into these off-roading terms, but the point is, when properly configured, floods, mud, or even rocks are the least of your concerns when driving a pickup.

Pickups have certainly evolved to offer more than just their inherent toughness. Over the years, pickups have grown to be more comfortable, refined, and car-like. This is why it isn’t surprising that among the top 10 best-selling vehicles in the Philippines last year, two of those were pickups. For those living on poorly-built roads or flood-prone areas, pickups have replaced the passenger car as their default family vehicle of choice. At the same time, the go-anywhere appeal that pickups have become known for eventually became a selling point for thrill-seekers and outdoorsy individuals.

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