Toyota Motor Philippines Announces Delayed Deliveries Of New Cars

Toyota Motor Philippines announces delivery delays of its vehicles, though the company did not specify which models are affected.

The world isn’t what it currently seems. Supply chain disruptions have led to a shortage of… practically everything, including cars. Toyota Motor Philippines isn’t immune to this, either, as the company announces vehicle delivery delays of certain models in its lineup.

The country’s most popular automaker has not specified which specific vehicles will suffer delivery delays, but one of these cars is definitely still the Land Cruiser 300. There’s currently a four-year wait list for the full-size SUV in Japan, and this also has an effect on the Philippines’ allocation of units. As a matter of fact, Toyota Motor Philippines even gave a stern warning late last year that they won’t tolerate dealers who are marking up the Land Cruiser 300 due to shortages of new stocks.

Just this month, Toyota Motor Corporation announced production stoppages for the month of June. This affects some 50,000 vehicles to be sold globally. ¬†As a result, Toyota says that the global production plan for June is expected to be approximately 800,000 units, with around 200,000 units built in Japan and approximately 600,000 units built overseas. This is in contrast to Toyota’s plans, wherein their average global production plan from June through August is around 850,000 units per month.

The cause of these production disruptions is mainly due to China’s continued zero-COVID strategy–especially in Shanghai. This has negatively affected Toyota’s key suppliers, who have been unable to produce the necessary parts for its vehicles. On top of all this, the world is still dealing with a shortage in semiconductors, in which Toyota also continues to be affected.

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