By 2025, Hyundai Vehicles Will Receive Continuous Software Updates

Hyundai Motor Group is moving forward to make their cars software-driven, thus keeping them up-to-date throughout the car's lifespan.

Technology moves at a fast pace, and that could be a problem for cars since these often have longer life cycles than smartphones. As a result, a car that you buy in 2022 could easily feel outdated just three or so years down the line, not in terms of the drive, but in terms of what kind of software-enabled features it has. Hyundai Motor Group (which includes Kia and Genesis) aims to eliminate that by 2025 when it starts launching what they call Software Defined Vehicles (SDVs).

By 2025, Hyundai Vehicles Will Receive Continuous Software Updates

Just like your smartphone, Hyundai Motor Group’s upcoming SDVs will remain up to date. This will enable vehicle functions, including safety, convenience, connectivity, security, and driving performance, to be upgraded via over-the-air (OTA) software updates. Based on the company’s next-generation EV platform, integrated controller, and an internally developed Connected Car Operating System (ccOS), all vehicles will be equipped to receive OTA software updates by 2025.

To achieve this plan, all newly launched vehicles of Hyundai Motor Group from 2023 will be equipped to receive OTA software updates enabling customers to keep their vehicles up to date. This transformation will apply not just to electric models, but also to internal combustion engine vehicles. All of the group’s vehicle segments sold worldwide will evolve to be software-defined by 2025.

Customers will be able to remotely upgrade the performance and functionality of their vehicles anywhere at any time, without any need to take them to a service center. And as the vehicle can constantly be updated, its residual value will also be enhanced. The group initially introduced this service in 2021, and from 2023 will expand it across vehicle models in global market regions able to receive Connected Car Services (CCS). By 2025 all Hyundai Motor Group vehicles will be equipped to receive OTA software updates. 

Hyundai Motor Group expects 20 million vehicles to be registered to its connected car service worldwide by 2025. Connected vehicles equipped with cutting-edge telecommunication features will create unprecedented value and possibilities and provide customers with personalized services, such as software subscriptions. 

Hyundai Motor Group also plans to significantly reduce the time required for all mass-production processes, including planning, design, and manufacturing, by developing a shared hardware and software platform for vehicles. This will enable vehicle components to be shared across different vehicle segments, leading to more efficient vehicle development and greater cost reductions. Reducing vehicle complexity will further enhance the effectiveness of SDV technology.

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