Your New Toyota Or Lexus May Come With Just One Key Fob

Due to the ongoing semiconductor shortage, certain Toyota and Lexus models may come with just one smart key fob.

Due to the still ongoing effect of the semiconductor shortage, Toyota Motor Corporation has announced that its new vehicles, including those from Lexus, will only come with a single smart key right out of the factory.

“As the shortage of semiconductors continues, this is a provisional measure aimed at delivering cars to customers as quickly as possible,” Toyota said in a statement to Reuters, apologizing for the inconvenience.

With this in mind, Toyotas with a smart key fob that works in conjunction with the smart entry and push-button start system will only come with one smart key fob. The spare key, on the other hand, will be a simple key that doesn’t come with a transponder.

Your New Toyota Or Lexus May Come With Just One Key Fob

As a consolation, affected customers will be able to receive their second smart key fob as soon as the available chips are available for production. Toyota adds: “As for the second smart key, we plan to hand it over as soon as it is ready.”

The measure is currently in effect in Japan, wherein according to models such as the newly-unveiled Toyota Crown, Camry, Alphard, Land Cruiser 300, and GranAce (aka the Hiace Super Grandia) are affected. This also applies to some Lexus models. Whether this affects models produced outside Japan such as the Vios, Innova, Avanza/Veloz, Raize, are still unknown at this point.

The ongoing chip shortage has affected automakers greatly. For Toyota and its luxury brand Lexus, this means long waiting times for models such as the highly-popular Land Cruiser 300 and also the newly-unveiled Lexus NX.

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