2023 Honda Accord Shows Its Sleek Styling, Built-In Google

2023 Honda Accord Shows Its Sleek Styling, Built-In Google

The 2023 Honda Accord has finally made its debut, but its chances of arriving in the Philippines are very slim.

The 2023 Honda Accord has finally been unveiled, showcasing its sleek styling just a week after it was teased by the Japanese automaker. The new Accord is instrumental for Honda as it serves as the model that debuts a couple of firsts for the brand.

2023 Honda Accord

2023 Honda Accord

But first, let’s talk about its design. As with Honda’s newest vehicles, the design focuses on a clean aesthetic. There are far fewer character lines than before, but its proportions are arguably much better than the outgoing model. It still has a fastback silhouette, though the lengthened hood has given the Accord a more athletic silhouette.

Dimensionally, the Accord is slightly longer than the previous model by 69 mm, now measuring 4,971 mm. It has a width of 1,862 mm, and a height of 1,450 mm. Depending on the variant, wheel sizes range from 17- to 19-inch, with the Sport (in red) and range-topping Touring (in blue) variants wearing the biggest 19s.

2023 Honda Accord Interior

Inside, the 2023 Honda Accord has been given the brand’s most high-tech and premium interior to date. A full-width honeycomb vent for the air conditioning has become a Honda design hallmark as of late, and that’s the same story here in the Accord. Apart from the plush materials, a 10.25-inch fully-digital gauge cluster is offered as standard, while all but the base model (which gets a 7-inch infotainment) gets a 12.3-inch infotainment screen–the largest ever fitted to a Honda.

Regardless of screen size, all versions of the Accord’s infotainment support over-the-air updates, while the range-topping Touring is the only variant to get built-in Google apps. This is the result of Honda’s new co-development with Google for its future infotainment systems. This means that the Accord Touring gets built-in Google Maps, Google Assistant, and even the Google Play store.

There is some bad news though. The US-market Accord won’t anymore get a detuned version of the 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder that’s from the Civic Type R. Instead of this 257-hp motor, the range now tops out with the 2.0-liter hybrid electric powertrain that offers 212 horses and 335 Nm of torque.

On the other hand, the base engine remains to be the 1.5-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine that’s also found in the Civic. In this case, it still produces 192 horsepower and 260 Nm of torque. This is mated to a CVT driving the front wheels.

The 2023 Honda Accord will first go on sale in the United States as this is the model’s largest market. Unfortunately, with Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. recently discontinuing the Accord, the chances of this new model arriving in our market is quite slim.

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