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How The 2023 Ford Everest Makes Every Drive Extraordinarily Special

The 2023 Ford Everest is our most favorite SUV right now, and here are reasons why we'd still pick it over the competition.

A lot has already been told about the 2023 Ford Everest. It’s one of our most viewed vehicles on Go Flat Out PH, and it’s also our favorite midsize pickup-based SUV. Nearly a year after its release, we go back and spend out time once again in the Ford Everest to see whether that magic is still there.

2023 Ford Everest

The 2023 Ford Everest Titanium 4×4 possesses an all-new exterior design that starts with the expansive wide mean-looking front grille. The pair of C-clamped shaped daytime running lights provide a good embracing symmetry with the Blue Ford logo in the middle with an embossed front camera for the 360-degree camera system. The adaptive matrix LED headlights are also sleek yet highly functional when driving at night as it’s able to block individual arrays to prevent blinding other drivers.

2023 Ford Everest

On the lateral view, the profile has been geared towards a more boxy shape beginning with the flares on the fenders that appear more sleek. It matches well with the 20-inch alloy wheels which may look smaller but actually helps in giving emphasis on the ride height while maintaining its city-use appeal. The step boards are added accommodations to provide ease of getting inside while the roof rails aren’t just aesthetic–they enable more luggage-carrying space. One queer thing about it is that the side view mirrors can be adjusted manually by hand from the outside either forward or leaning backward aside from electronically adjusting it inside using the button control.

The rear panel design is also a definitive departure from the usual Everest look. The LED taillights combined with halogen lamps may look smaller now but the tail light garnish in black trimmings again connecting both rear lights coupled with the black rear bumper valence add more aesthetic appeal.   

2023 Ford Everest Titanium 4x4

2023 Ford Everest Titanium 4x4

Inside, the Everest received significant changes both in beauty and functionality. There’s a 12.4-inch fully digital instrument cluster and a 12-inch portrait display that allows you to control almost all the features of the new Everest, including the 360 degrees camera view. For the climate control, one good thing is Ford still provides physical controls. It has also a wireless charger combined with USB connections. One new thing about the controls is the electronic gear shifter that’s designed similarly to a computer mouse that offers good grip, along with a knob that controls the drive modes that let you choose from 4×2 to all-wheel drive.

For the storage provisions, the new 2023 Ford Everest has now an additional upper glove box that can store personal items such as purses, and other small items. In fact, it has multiple bottle holders conveniently located in front of the side aircon vents giving the driver and passengers more amenities inside the car while eating. There’s also a panoramic sunroof for the Titanium variants that bathe the interior with light, as well as provide a great view of the outdoors.


The 2023 Ford Everest is a full seven-seater SUV, and the Blue Oval brand made sure that entry to the third row is easy by providing a handlebar that helps the passenger to get easy access and a one-touch button that moves the second row forward.

Since this is the 2023 Ford Everest Titanium 4×4 variant, it is equipped with a 10-speed transmission backed by a 2.0-liter twin-turbo diesel engine with a maximum output of 210 hp and 500 Nm. This SUV  has various drive modes to cater to various terrains, so it is quite ready and capable to go offroad.

Driving the SUV in the plains and higher roads of General Trias including Tagaytay, the Everest re-affirmed its performance despite its small 2.0-liter engine capacity giving the driver enough power for out-of-town trips. The 10-speed automatic transmission vibes well with the engine giving proper throttle response when speed is needed. In fact, this is one of its biggest improvements as it now provides less gear hunting and offers more decisive shifts. Fuel economy has also improved slightly, achieving around 10-11 km/l during mostly provincial drives.

Refinement has also been improved with less noise from various sources entering through the cabin. The ride is also perhaps one of the best among pickup-based SUVs–even better than some unibody crossover SUVs. From a comfort standpoint, the new 2023 Ford Everest Titanium 4×4 is indeed one of the best in its segment. The steering is also light, and combined with its body roll, this is an SUV that’s indeed meant for cruising as opposed to enjoying it on winding country roads.

Overall, the new 2023 Ford Everest re-invented itself by receiving a remarkable new design amplified with so many new tech and functional capabilities. It of course certainly helps that it also manages to provide what we think is the overall best driving experience in its segment. With this new Everest, every drive–even if it’s the most mundane one, becomes extraordinarily special.

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