Jaguar’s BMW 3 Series Killer, The XE, Lands In Our Shores

Remember the Jaguar X-Type? I hope not. That car was an embarrassment for Jaguar. It was neither sporty nor luxurious, and is basically an overpriced Ford Mondeo. It was good, but not good enough for the BMW 3 Series, and the other 2 German brands. They basically laughed their way to the banks. Now though, things have changed at Jaguar. Ever since being bought by Tata, a large Indian company that creates more than just cars, Jaguar became more successful, and the success of their story continues here, with the Jaguar XE.



The Jaguar XE is a dominantly made out of aluminium, and therefore this will do wonders to the car’s fuel efficiency and more importantly for a pouncing cat, handling. The exterior of the Jaguar XE clearly evokes dynamism and contemporary British design, led by Ian Callum, one of my most highly admired car designers in the industry. The headlamps cut through the front fascia, but is interrupted nicely by the car’s front grille, giving the grille a three dimensional look making it look pop-out of the XE’s face. Just as dynamic as the front is the rear of the XE.┬áThe tail lamps are clearly inspired from the Jaguar F-Type. Glad to know that rear of the XE is nicely done as well, since you’ll be seeing the rear of this car more often rather than the front.


The interior is a pleasant place to be in. Only the finest materials were used in the cabin. Jaguar’s ubiquitous rising gear selector is neatly placed in the car’s center console, and dominating the center stack is a new touch screen infotainment system for Jaguar called InControl. A wrap around effect in the front of the cabin brings in a sensation of being cocooned, just like how one would feel when driving a sports car.

Powering this cat is a 4-cylinder turbocharged heart. Petrol is what runs in the veins and arteries of its heart, and at full throttle, it produces 197 hp and 280 Nm of torque, mated to an 8-Speed Automatic. Another version of this powerplant produces 237 hp and 340 Nm of torque. Whatever the engine choice is, there is no shortage of power for this cat.

As with Jaguar-Land Rover PH tradition, pricing will vary depending on the options ticked, as most Jaguars are unique amongst each other.

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