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The First Ever Modified Twin Turbo Lamborghini Gallardo In The Philippines

We get up close to this bull's owner, Keith Bryan Haw, as he talks us through how he was able to buy his dream.

We get up close and personal to the first ever twin turbo Lamborghini Gallardo in the Philippines. Go Flat Out had the opportunity to talk to Keith Bryan Haw, and he talks us through his Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder, including the modifications he has made.

This Gallardo Spyder has a few subtle but tasteful exterior modifications. The first one is the paint job, which is a pearlescent shade of white, which looks spectacular in person, as pictures don’t do it justice. Enhancing the look are a pair of gunmetal DPE FT5S wheels, in which inside those rims house some beefy Brembo brake rotors, measuring 410 mm at the front, and 390 mm at the rear. The addition of carbon fiber side skirts and rear wing enhance the exterior look of this car, while the LED rear lights from the LP560-4 Gallardo gives it an unmistakable look at night.

Lastly, I’m pretty sure this is the modification you’ve been waiting for. The twin turbo kit comes from IAP Racing, and it’s the first ever of its kind in the Philippines. Along with a titanium exhaust, the modifications are significant enough to boost the power of the Gallardo’s 5.0 liter V10 engine from 520 hp to an eye watering 800 hp. While being tested at the dyno, the Gallardo Spyder has been measured to produce a maximum of 650 whp, meaning 650 unapologetic horsepower goes to all four wheels.

Keith is also an entrepreneur. Most of these modifications were done at his shop called Import Hookup, including the twin turbos. He has a strong passion for modifying cars, especially exotics. He is also a DJ, holding gigs at clubs such as The Palace in Bonifacio Global City. Listen to more of his mixes at SoundCloud by searching DJ Keith Bryan Haw. Also, give him a message if you want your ride to be “hooked up” with the best mods from Import Hookup (pun intended) through

James Tagle also interviewed him as well, as we wanted to know how this all started. Read on, and maybe you may find this post inspiring as well, especially if you are one of those who wish to start their own business in the aftermarket scene.

James Tagle’s Interview (Non-Verbatim)
1. How did your obsession for cars start?

“I think I remember drawing different car brands like Toyota, Mitsubishi. At that time, my dad had a Galant and Lancer Boxtype. I was exposed to Matchboxes. I’ve been exposed to different car brands and car shapes, and I’ve been playing with toy cars ever since. I started modifying when I was in college. That time I didn’t have money, so I decided that I should make it a business so I could buy my own cars, and buy different parts of the car, so there, I started importing different brands, and that’s how it started my passion in modifying cars.”

2. What was your first car?

“My first car is a Honda Civic EK. I remember I didn’t have money to buy lowering springs, so instead pinutol ko (the stock springs) then the exhaust is putol din. Well, at that time, yung 5Zigen Cannon Ball, I can buy surplus. So basically, it’s my high school car. I think in my generation everybody had a Civic.”

3. Why the Gallardo?

“I’ve been wanting to have a Lamborghini ever since I was a kid, because my poster was the Lamborghini Countach, so at that time I was wondering, what can I buy that I can use daily that is a bit affordable. Actually, the story here is that it started when I drove this particular car in Singapore, maybe 5 years ago. This was in Marina Bay Sands, and they have this company called, well I forgot the name, but they let people drive the cars. My first drive with a Lamborghini was in a Gallardo. After that drive, I’ve been wanting to buy a Gallardo ever since. I’ve been watching the turbo videos in YouTube, and ever since it’s been my dream to create a twin turbo exotic here in the Philippines because nobody wants to do it, or nobody has the balls to do one, so I wanted to do something different.”

4. I know you have a BMW M3, and also the Liberty Walk Porsche 911 (997) Turbo. Of all the cars you own, which is your most favorite, or which one will you never sell?

“It’s hard. I actually don’t want to sell all of those. As much as I can, I would like to keep all, because, it’s all different. The BMW is a track car, which I can daily almost every day, literally daily. I can drive it going to Quezon City, all the way to Subic or Tagaytay. The Porsche I love using it because it’s so roomy. It’s a driver’s car, and you know, nothing compares to a Porsche because it is actually a daily supercar, but this one (the Gallardo) is special to me because it’s top down, a spyder. Actually I bought this car because when I knew that someone is selling a spyder, and I think there’s only a couple here, like less than 5 in the country, so I grabbed the opportunity to get it right then and there because I know there’s not much Gallardo Spyders for sale in the Philippines. So it’s all different. I love cruising with this at night time with the top down, so if you ask me, between the three, it’s so difficult. It’s all different.”

5. What car do you see yourself driving in 5 years time?

As I told you, I’ve been wanting to get the Ferrari. That’s my next car, the 458 or any Ferrari. I’ve driven the F430, it was kinda bitin, the power and the looks, so I’ve been wanting to save up for a Ferrari 458, and the problem now is the excise tax. Hopefully, the excise tax won’t spike up the price too much.

6. What if your dream car?

My dream car? Well, I’m actually contented with my cars. My dream garage, however, is to have one car from each brand. Maybe that’s my dream goal. Maybe I’ll save up more, create more businesses, but for now, I have the BMW, I have the Porsche, I have the Lamborghini, my next goal is Ferrari, and eventually, I want to get one from each brand. I think each one is different in their own little way, so it’s nice to have different car brands. Each car driver different, feels different, and looks different.”

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