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10 Popular Cars In The Philippines With Fake Vents (Quiz)

Notice any design trend going on lately? Well, we have, and it’s that, there’s an obsession lately with fake vents. Most cars have fake vents in areas where it (usually) houses the foglights, such as this Nissan X-Trail.

Photo from CarAdvice

As this X-Trail is the entry-level model, foglights are not equipped in this car, which makes this X-Trail have a path of black plastic that’s supposed to mimic air vents. There are functional vents, like what we see on most supercars, but for a non-high performance car like this Nissan X-Trail, those “vents” don’t serve any real purpose, whatsoever. These slabs of black plastic are just… there, serving no real purpose in improving the car’s driving performance.

There are cars, however, that have fake vents purely for “aesthetic” purposes. They sometimes make a car look better, but for the most part, it just makes the car look tacky, like an inactive, lazy couch potato wearing sweat pants, just to look “athletic”.

These slabs of black plastic, for better or worse, can prove to be either a cool design piece, or an unnecessary design trick that makes a car look worse with it. Here are some of the most popular cars sold, or have been sold, in the Philippines, that have these plastic slabs of shame. These cars range from your humble MPV, to your dream luxury sedan, because posing to be a “sporty” car is not just limited to the general middle class.

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