Apple’s iOS 11 Locks You Out Of Your iPhone When You Drive Because You’re Too Naughty To Keep Yourselves From Texting While Driving

Apple has been under fire in the US for unabling to prevent drivers from being distracted from using their phone, something that shouldn’t be Apple’s responsibility in the first place.

iOS 11 promises to fix that. While Do Not Disturb is not a new feature for iOS, its capabilities has been expanded as it now locks you out of your phone when it detects motion.

So what if the passengers want to use their own iPhones since this locks out any iPhone inside the car? Well, you have the option to turn that off, or you can lie about it because you’re probably one of those typical undisciplined Filipino drivers, right? So basically, the mechanism is similar to Waze’s Do Not Disturb feature, which, let’s face it, people are complete idiots to lie about.

Once the feature is activated, the screen will be dim lit, notification sounds will be muted, and you can set up preset texts, such as “I’m driving”, which will be automatically sent to the sender if a notification or text comes in.

iOS 11 is expected to roll out on September, the usual date when Apple releases its latest line up of iPhones.


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