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How The Legendary Porsche 911 Got Its Name (With Video)

It's actually as simple as changing a single digit. Nothing more, nothing less.

Most often than not, naming a car isn’t an easy process. Unless the name came from a place, such as Hyundai Tucson, which came from Tucson, Arizona, or an object such as Toyota Crown, which means, well… that, car names often don’t make sense on its own unless you know the back story. Case in point, Subaru’s Levorg sports wagon, where Levorg merely came from a hodgepodge of syllables and letters from the words “LEgacy reVOlution touRinG”.

How about one of the world’s most iconic cars, the Porsche 911? The story is quite simple, actually. In 1963, Porsche introduced a new sports car called the 901, but apparently Peugeot has already trademarked the car naming scheme wherein their cars are numerically named with three digits and a zero in the middle (e.g. 208, 308, 508, etc.).

Way before Peugeot sent them a notification that the naming convention was already trademarked, Porsche already finalized the plan to add 901 badges on the tailgates and dashboards of the sports car, and since then, they have already printed the ‘9’, ‘0’, and ‘1’ badges. To minimize production cost and any disruptions due to retooling and such, Porsche just swapped out the 0 with 1, and the Porsche 911 was born.

Now, if only they told why it was supposed to be called the Porsche 901.

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