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Go Flat Out’s Top 10 Automotive Topics Of 2017

Here are the 10 most viewed cars/topics of 2017 based on how many times you, the viewers, checked them out.

2017 has been a great year for Go Flat Out and for the automotive industry. With the excise tax coming into full force this year, it’s no surprise that many people panicked and bought their cars last year year, leading to a surprising amount of sales growth wherein the industry sales target was met as early as November. Nevertheless, there were many fascinating stories and events last year, but these top 10 stood out among the rest.

1. 2017 Ford Everest 2.2 Ambiente Review

All of you Filipinos love PPVs, and so it’s no surprise that our review of the Ford Everest 2.2 Ambiente is Go Flat Out’s most viewed for 2017. It also maybe perhaps we’re the only one in the Philippines who has a review of the Ambiente variant of the Everest.

2. Mitsubishi Xpander Revealed In GIIAS In Jakarta

Filipinos also love entry-level budget MPVs, so it’s also no surprise that the Mitsubishi Xpander’s debut became one of Go Flat Out’s most viewed, too.

3. Honda Cars Philippines Launches 7-Seater, Diesel CR-V

The Philippines is a market thirsty for PPVs and MPVs that have 7-seats, and more so if they’re diesel, so we’re surprised by how much buzz the all-new Honda CR-V created. Though it’s not the only compact crossover SUV with 7-seats, the other being the Nissan X-Trail, the Honda CR-V’s greater appeal is due to its refined diesel engine, the first for Honda in the Philippines.

4. 2017 Toyota Fortuner 2.4 G Review

The Toyota Fortuner is one of the most popular cars in the Philippines. It’s the best selling PPV, and one of the best selling cars as a whole, so its review being one of the most popular is not surprising.

5. Nissan Terra Leaked! Nissan’s Fortuner Rival Revealed Before Its Launch

The Filipino’s thirst for PPVs reign with the news about Nissan’s Toyota Fortuner rival getting leaked. It created a lot of buzz, and some event commented it’s one of the best looking in the bunch. More amazing is the fact that we released this just a couple of days before Christmas, so for it to gain so much buzz in such a short time, enough for it to be in our top 10, will surely make its Philippine launch even more interesting.

6. 2018 Honda City VX Review

The second best selling subcompact sedan in the Philippines received a facelift last year, so it’s no surprise that this is one of Go Flat Out’s most popular articles.

7. Volkswagen Philippines Introduces New Jetta, Golf GTS Wagon At Attractive Prices

Volkswagen has bolstered its position as the best selling European brand in the Philippines, and its growth has been staggering for the past few years. We’re left wondering at this point just what happened to Peugeot Philippines? Anyway, the new Jetta and Golf GTS Wagon have been released last year at very amazing prices, it created such a long waiting list for customers buying the European sedan and wagon, especially since that everyone was trying to beat the implementation of the TRAIN and its vehicle excise tax.

8. Isuzu Philippines (Finally) Gives 2018 MU-X and D-Max All-New BluePower Diesel Engines

For most of its product lifetime, the Isuzu MU-X and D-Max has never been blessed with the sophisticated and clean powertrains that its international market counterparts have received over the years. With DOE setting a deadline in 2018 that every new car sold in 2018 must adapt to the Euro IV emission standard, Isuzu had no choice anyway, and so finally, we got the BluePower diesel engines we always deserved ever since.

9. 2018 Honda Civic RS Turbo Review

2016 was the year of the 10th generation Honda Civic. It created so much buzz and so much hype, it immediately became one of the country’s best selling compact sedans. Even a year after its release, and receiving an equipment upgrade, the Civic is still one of Go Flat Out’s most read reviews, and also one of our most favorite cars.

10. Will A Fiat Abarth Dealership Open In The Philippines?

We were contacted by a few people from Abarth Philippines and we were curious what’s up. To our surprise, Abarth Philippines will soon set up shop here, and they plan to open their first dealership and service center this 2018. We got our taste of the Fiat 500 Abarth 595 this November, and left us quite impressed and excited for the brand’s arrival. After all, more interesting choices in our market is always better, right? We’re wishing for the success of Abarth Philippines.

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