This Limited Edition Ferrari 812 Is The Highest-Revving Ferrari Ever Made

This Limited Edition Ferrari 812 Is The Highest-Revving Ferrari Ever Made

A new limited edition Ferrari 812 will be fully revealed on May 5, though we do know it is the highest-revving road-legal Ferrari ever made.

Large displacement engines without any form of forced induction are a dying breed. Blame emissions regulations for the increasingly cynical sounding engines we hear from most supercars nowadays. The Italian supercar manufacturer is resisting the urge to use force induction for as long as it can, and this new, limited edition Ferrari 812 is still one such supercar.

What makes this limited edition 812’s V12 engine so special is the fact that it produces 819 hp, the highest-ever in a Ferrari without the aid of turbocharging, supercharging, or electrification. It also revs all the way up to 9,500 rpm, making it the highest-revving road-legal Ferrari engine ever made.

Limited Edition Ferrari 812

Limited Edition Ferrari 812

Don’t mistake this for being just an 812 Superfast with a more powerful engine and a souped-up exterior. While the body panels look similar to the “standard” 812 Superfast, most of them are completely unique to this limited edition model, which has been optimized for better aerodynamics. This includes the single-piece aluminum structure that replaces the rear windscreen, which features vortex generators. Combined with the huge rear diffuser and bespoke front bumpers, this limited edition Ferrari 812 generates more downforce than the 812 Superfast.

Another distinct design feature of the limited edition 812 is its carbon fiber blade located at the car’s hood, which makes its front end look shorter. Ferrari says all of the car’s new, lighter panels make this limited edition 812 lighter than the 812 Superfast, though the company did not specify any numbers.

The Italian supercar manufacturer also updated its chassis for improved handling and better power delivery to the rear wheels. In addition, this new 812 gains a new independent four-wheel steering system for better handling and maneuverability.

Limited Edition Ferrari 812

This yet-unnamed limited edition 812 debuts the Italian brand’s version 7.0 of its Side Slip Control (SSD) system, which works in conjunction with the car’s traction control and new independent four-wheel steering for better handling or easier-to-control drifts.

More details regarding this new limited edition Ferrari 812 will be revealed on May 5.

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