Omoda 5 EV Coming To PH: Here's What You Need To Know

Omoda 5 EV Coming To PH: Here’s What You Need To Know

More and more electric options are coming into the market, and one of the latest in the coming months is the Omoda 5 EV.

As the brand’s arrival in the Philippines comes closer, the new Omoda 5 will also be sold as an electric crossover. Called the Omoda 5 EV, these are all the details you need to know about the upcoming affordable electric crossover.

Omoda 5 EV Coming To the Philippines

Unsurprisingly, in terms of styling, it looks similar to the standard Omoda 5. Only this time, the front end looks cleaner due to the lack of a grille, while the wheels now come with an aerodynamic design. The interior is likewise similar to the standard model, which means it’s packed with tech such as two LCD screens, wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, power-adjustable front seats, an 8-speaker Sony sound system, and wireless charging.

Omoda is also proud to highlight its “16-function advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS)” which include Front Collision Avoidance, Front Departure Reminder, Lane Departure Warning, Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Keep Assist, Blind Spot Detection, Autonomous Emergency Braking, Driver Monitoring System, among other features. There’s also a 360-degree camera and even a heads-up display.

The Omoda 5 EV will be powered by a single electric motor with a power output of 150 kw (201 hp) and around 400 Nm of torque. Range of the fully charged vehicle is estimated to range from 300-450 kilometers while charging can be done via standard AC or quick-charging DC that allows for a 10 to 80 percent charge in around 35 minutes. The Omida 5 EV even comes with vehicle-2-load (V2L) that lets owners use the vehicle as an external power source.

Lastly, the Omoda 5 has scored 5 Stars in its most recent Euro NCAP test, cementing the brand’s dedication to safety. Further adding to the car’s peace of mind is its warranty, which will be set at 8-year/200,000 kilometers for the battery and EV drivetrain, while the vehicle itself will come with a 5-year/200,000-kilometer warranty.

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